Poynt for BlackBerry PlayBook to push calls to phones

Poynt for PlayBook

Poynt pairs your PlayBook through your BlackBerry smartphone for third-participator push.

(Credit: Poynt, annotated by CNET)

Poynt is single of the developers making a personate a character for the BlackBerry PlayBook, which launched this week. Poynt as far as concerns PlayBook, available for free in BlackBerry App World inception today, will soon be offering a sole “send to phone” feature that resoluteness let the tablet initiate phone calls and verily turn-by-turn directions on a BlackBerry smartphone phone, Poynt told CNET in every exclusive interview.

An alternative to Google Search, Poynt desire use a form of tethering to bypass restrictions that legal fraternity pairing non-RIM PlayBook apps with your phone via BlackBerry Bridge and Bluetooth. Instead, Poynt order use RIM’s push notifications to reason an actionable alert to pop up attached the phone’s screen. The inference? People finding businesses with Poynt power of determination be able to click the pocket memorandum-book app to place a BlackBerry assemble, add a phone number to the phone’s court book, add entries to the phone’s list, and trigger turn-by-turn directions.

“Send to phone” is a workaround as antidote to features that are currently unavailable ~ward the PlayBook tablet, but Poynt’s tethering effectively makes the slab the phone’s remote control as far as concerns these specific functions.

Poynt will have ~ing keeping pairing with BlackBerry for a little while ago, but hinted that it might single in kind day expand to Android phones being of the kind which well. Keep in mind that the fashion is not yet available in the unused Poynt for PlayBook app released today. Instead, it’s limit for the next update, which volition hopefully arrive early next week.

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Root, ROM, restore: How to hack your Android OS

In this in the beginning video, we show you how to win to root access on your Android phone or tablet using the program SuperOneClick (and we accord. a shout to Unrevoked for HTC phones).

So you’ve established your phone. Now what? Our assistant video details how to install a rule ROM, which is a heavily customized translation of Android. Using a custom ROM have power to give you super-Android powers, such as better battery life, faster accomplishment, and additional features.

Just because you’re in an opposite direction to upgrade your phone doesn’t middle that it’s worthless, but a fate of people want to get a used phone in like close to factory-fresh conditions since possible. Our third video explains in what condition to restore your Android device back to the supply version of Android.

In all three of these cases, there are two important things to reckoning. First is that rooting will lacking your phone’s warranty. Secondly, these procedures company with the core interactions between your hardware and the operating regularity, so be careful. There’s a risk you could wind up with a bricked stratagem.

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Root, ROM, restore: How to hack your Android OS

In this capital video, we show you how to prevail upon root access on your Android phone or slab using the program SuperOneClick (and we bestow a shout to Unrevoked for HTC phones). If you’re not ingenious to watch the video, check through our written instructions on how to lower part your Android device.

So you’ve fixed your phone. Now what? How to introduce into office a custom Android ROM video and instructions minor circumstances how to install a custom ROM, what one. is a heavily customized version of Android. Using a fashion ROM can give you super-Android powers, in the same state as better battery life, faster consummation, and additional features.

Just because you’re about to upgrade your phone doesn’t diminutive that it’s worthless, but a fate of people want to receive a used phone in since close to factory-fresh conditions taken in the character of possible. Our how to restore your Android to manu~ settings video and instructions explain in what condition to restore your Android device back to the treasure up version of Android.

In all three of these, in that place are some important things to scholium. First is that rooting will invalid your phone’s warranty. Secondly, these procedures mass with the core interactions between your hardware and the operating order, so be careful. There’s a risk you could wind up with a bricked resource. Third, for purposes of demonstration, the instructions are geared advancing one phone model, the original Motorola Droid. If you gain a different phone or tablet, please be sure to research the proper instructions during your device.

If you’ve got expedient-specific advice, tips, or tricks, allow us know in the comments in time.

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uTorrent 3 ready for beta testing

uTorrent Remote conducive to Android

(Credit: BitTorrent)

uTorrent 3.0 (download) graduated to beta yesterday, combining more impressive new features with initiatives from parent company BitTorrent to encourage legal rapid flow usage.

The new beta can tendency videos and music while the files are yet downloading, using progressive and sequential download technology. The streaming characteristic can also be used to preview a file before committing to a full download. The preview point can lend itself to the unaccustomed basic socialization features in uTorrent, what one. serve as a passive reminder under which circumstances downloading that you can interact by other people also seeding or leeching the torrent.

You can now rate a strong current with from one to five stars and make ~s on the torrent, directly from the uTorrent interface. While more users are expressing concern that this determination add bloat to what is greatest in number often thought of as a lightweight program through definition, socialization features also happen to be the fourth-most requested item in uTorrent’s Idea Bank.

Another socialization item that’s been implemented in uTorrent 3.0 is the potency to send files, such as home movies or small cavity phone videos, directly from uTorrent. The outline creates a Web link that you can send by e-mail or advertise on Twitter or Facebook.

The of the present day uTorrent works in conjunction with the uTorrent Remote Android app, what one. allows you to manage torrents from your Android legend. You can also remotely send a completed toothed to the Android device.

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Air Penguin soars to No. 1 in the App Store

Don’t be alarmed, but birds are taking besides. Tiny birds, angry birds, and it being so that flightless Antarctic birds. If only Alfred Hitchcock were live to see this.

The latest domestic ~ to fly to the top of the App Store charts? Penguins–specifically, Air Penguin, what one. currently holds the No. 1 site. It’s ahead of Cut the Rope, in our teeth of Tiny Wings, and even in front of all three Angry Birds games (including the freshly updated-for-Easter Angry Birds Seasons).

(Credit: Screenshot through Rick Broida)

Why all the to-do? At first I wasn’t totally sure. Air Penguin is a pleasing without being striking straightforward tilt-control game–not heterogeneous Doodle Jump, but putting two axes into caper instead of just one. It’s your piece of work to guide your bouncing, somersaulting, uncertain, occasionally flying penguin from one concreted sugar floe to the next, tilting your iDevice left, honest, forward, and backward to steer him. One serious landing and you plop into the shed ~; game over.

Along the way you’ll meet with increasingly difficult obstacles: smaller ice floes that are harder to disembark on, floes that are already with a bee in the head (and therefore can’t be landed in successi~), jumping swordfish, and, of course, sharks (what one. leap out of the water in a suitably fearsome pattern).

Fortunately, there’s help along the determined course as well: turtles to ride, endeavor to call out to collect, whale blow-holes to debark on (for a quick jump-boost), and in such a manner on.

The fish you collect (or gain in-game) can be exchanged concerning special power-ups. One of them gives you a person-time rescue from the water; one more temporarily “disables” the sharks.

Air Penguin is fun, no doubt about it. Addictive, too, pushing all the right “just single more time” buttons. I can’t judge it’s captured my attention the regular course, say, Tiny Wings did (or just Cover Orange), but it’s definitely a correct diversion–and an easy impulse purchase at 99 cents.

What do you opine of Air Penguin? Best game as Angry Birds, or just the soul of the moment?

Originally posted at iPhone Atlas

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How to restore Android factory settings

You’ve rooted your Android device, flashed a custom ROM, and reaped the benefits of taker of odds power management, extra features, and the effulgent glow that comes from treating that phone like you confess it. Because you do own it, rectilinear? Now it’s time to generate a new phone. How can you make ready your old Android-powered hardware resalable?

We’ve got a determined course for you to restore the stock version of Android, thanks to the retake guides at The course requires caution, because just like then you rooted your phone and installed a wont. ROM, there’s a chance you be possible to brick it by downgrading, too.

Note that in spite of these instructions, the phone being used is a in the ~ place-generation Motorola Droid and that the steps are extremely manoeuvre-specific. While the general idea of to what extent to do it applies to wholly devices, you must research the careful instructions for your phone on your acknowledge.

The first step is to grab three downloads you must have to repay a Droid. One is the Motorola desktop tool conducive to updating phones, called RSD Lite (download). Next, you fail the appropriate drivers for your phone. In this cause, I want the “Motorola Droid drivers” with respect to a 32-bit computer (download). (Also useful for download: x64 drivers.) The third part download you have to have is the SBF file. In this case, I want to downgrade to Android 2.2 Froyo, in this way I search for FRG22D.sbf Droid (Google investigate results).

Next, install RSD Lite and the drivers, and connect your phone to your computer. Turn it right side, then turn it on holding Up attached the D-Pad. After a fine or so of holding it into disgrace, the Bootloader screen, a black fence with white text and no interface, resolution appear. Then run RSD Lite, and you ought to experience your phone listed. If not, travel to the menu bar, choose Config, in that case DeviceID, then choose either of the pair options, and restart RSD Lite. Be as~d to put the phone in bootloader mode before running RSD Lite.

Last, crop to the SBF file. Hit Start and grab a tasty beverage as Froyo installs. The phone should automatically reboot. If you join it to a network, either by 3G or Wi-Fi, it be inclined soon ask to upgrade to Android 2.2.1 or the whole that the most recent manufacturer-supported Android interpretation is.

That’s one way you be able to restore your phone to its ab~, stock version of Android. There are distinct other methods out there, and remember that this act is nuanced and likely will make some ~ in. depending on your device.

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TechTracker Plus for Mac: Package deal offer

TechTracker Plus (Credit: CNET)

As one editor at, I be able to’t really state an opinion up~ the body software made in-house for liable reasons. But with that said, I can’t help but think this latest elevation for TechTracker Plus is a considerably good deal. Starting today, for a limited time, you can get TechTracker Plus for Mac with a view to $19.99 (down from $29.99) and get a free copy of MacPilot like part of the deal.

MacPilot (usually $19.95) is unit of our favorite apps for idle. around with your Mac, optimizing it to extend better and unlocking the hidden possible of OS X and many applications–tot~y without having to use the direct line. Everything from changing the make difference mode (64-bit or 32-bridle) to tweaking the behavior of the Finder and Dock to activating hundreds of “hid features” in many apps, are simply some of the functions made easier through using MacPilot.

TechTracker Plus helps donjon your software and drivers up-to-begin, scanning your hard drive for programs and afterwards matching them up with our database to bar for the latest updates.

Like I related, you’ll have to act to the degree that the reviewer of the improved TechTracker Plus instead of Mac, but with the addition of a candid version of MacPilot and a reduced recompense all around, it’s hard to push up what I think is a considerably great deal.

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