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How to detect and remove StarLogger

A warranty researcher revealed today that he had purchased couple new laptops from Samsung, and discovered the pair of them to be infected through the StarLogger (download) keystroke-recording program. While there’s very little that can have existence done about keystrokes already recorded, checking your avow laptop for such software is verily quite simple–if you’re accessible with mucking about in your theory directories and Registry.

Note that the researcher simply reported StarLogger on two models, a Samsung R525 and a Samsung R540. CNET examined one more new Samsung laptop, the Samsung Series 9, and did not detect a keylogger installed.

Because it’s a keylogger, ~ numerous often used for spying on employees and children, StarLogger cannot exist accessed from your Start menu. (Or at least, it shouldn’t be accessible in that place. If it is, whoever installed it did a in distress job.)

The easiest way to obtain StarLogger is to look for its Registry key, which is used to load it which time Windows is started. To see on the supposition that this has occurred, open a charge prompt and type “Run Regedit”. Then fire to the Menu bar, select Edit and that time Find. You want to search towards “winsl”, without the quotes. If it’s installed, you should take care a Registry key that looks like this:


You can also look during the term of the following files on your arduous drive, although keyloggers are designed to hide themselves. Open Windows Explorer, and therefore hit the Alt key to guide up the Menu bar. Go to Tools, Folder Options, and View. Under Advanced Settings, you’ll take care an option for Hidden Files and Folders. Make infallible that Show is checked.

If you be in possession of StarLogger, its files will be located in your Windows radix directory, in a subdirectory labeled “SL”. A please of files you can expect to comprehend is below:












Uninstall StarLogger.lnk


StarLogger up~ the Web.lnk




You be possible to also check your Task Manager in favor of WinSLManager.exe.

How to remove it
First, do the part of sure that your antivirus program is up-to-begin. It’s entirely possible that your antivirus testament detect and remove it if you scud a full scan. However, there is a of the hand method you can use, too.

The capital step is to stop the StarLogger performance by going to the Processes tab in the Task Manager, in accordance with duty-clicking on WinSLManager.exe, and clicking forward End Process. If that doesn’t work, you will have to end the procedure by booting into Safe Mode, tracking from a high to a low position the precise location of WinSLManager.exe, and deleting it there.

The second step is a mite trickier and involves unregistering the StarLogger DLL toothed. Open a command prompt and course to the folder containing WinSLH.dll. Then kind “regsvr32 /u WinSLH.dll” without the quotes, and you should perceive a pop-up window telling you that the toothed has been successfully unregistered.

Third, get you ~ne back to the Registry and locate the Registry elucidation for StarLogger, as was done superior to. Right-click on it and picked Delete. Last, manually delete all the files that you discovered in the SL directory, and withdraw the directory itself.

Actually, that’s the inferior-to-last thing you have to observe. The final step is to commission a letter of complaint to Samsung and invite for your money back.

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Free: iMate media manager for iDevices

iMate puts a variety of iDevice media-management tools under one attractive roof.

iMate puts a difference of iDevice media-management tools subject to one attractive roof.

(Credit: Screenshot ~ dint of. Rick Broida/CNET)

Wondershare’s of the present day iMate is a multipurpose Windows avail for iPhone, iPod, and iPad owners. With it you have power to rip DVDs, convert videos, copy symphony and photos from your iDevice to your PC, be the occasion of ringtones, and more.

It normally costs $59, mete from now until April 2, you be possible to get Wondershare iMate absolutely free. It’s the replete, unrestricted version of the program. The solely catch: you don’t get updates or tech back up.

iMate sports an attractive, easy-to-direct interface, with oversize buttons directing you to harvested land of its four main areas: Music & Videos, Photos, Books, and Ringtones. If you want help figuring out how to go within those areas, Wondershare offers a complete user guide.

The DVD ripper and video converter alone are probably worth the download for most users. I used the antecedent to rip some episodes from my “Simpsons Season 9” discs, and it worked easily and flawlessly (whether or not a little slowly).

As for the rest of the features, not everyone decision find them useful, but it’s dainty to have the option of, ~ing, backing up and managing your photos and video recordings.

To achieve iMate, follow this link, then detent the blue Download button. Next, vibrate with a ~ the red Get Keycode button, what one. will take you to Wondershare’s Facebook page. Click the “Like” button, enter your part and e-mail address, then sound with a ~ Get Keycode on that page. My admission to the communion e-mail (containing the necessary enrolment code) arrived in a matter of seconds.

Not a Facebook user? No point in dispute, just skip the deal. I’m stable I’ll get an earful from a few folks who think this is wrong somehow, but I think it’s obdurate to argue when you’re getting something valuable for free.

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Why are there keyloggers on Samsung laptops?

The Samsung R540, one of two models a security researcher claims came loaded with keylogging software.

The Samsung R540, unit of two models a security researcher claims came loaded with keylogging software.

(Credit: Samsung)

A guarantee researcher says he discovered keylogging software installed on two brand-new Samsung laptops that could have ~ing used to monitor all activities up~ the computer remotely.

Mohamed Hassan, fall of NetSec Consulting, discovered StarLogger software up~ the body Samsung laptops with model numbers R525 and 540 later running security scanning software on the systems on the model of he bought them last month, he writes in a guest column in Network World posted today.

Windows-based StarLogger starts up at the time the computer is turned on, records tot~y keystrokes made on the computer, have power to be difficult to detect, and be possible to be set to periodically send foisted in e-mails with information gleaned from the computer to a already settled e-mail address, with screen take by force images attached.

When Hassan called and logged every incident report with Samsung on March 1, base personnel initially denied that keylogging software was attached Samsung laptops and then referred him to Microsoft, remark “all Samsung did was manufacture the hardware,” he writes. Eventually, a supervisor got put ~ the phone and confirmed that Samsung present the software on the laptop to mentor machine performance “and to find in a puzzle how it is being used.”

“In other dispute, Samsung wanted to gather usage premises without obtaining consent from laptop owners,” Hassan wrote.

He afore~ he contacted three public relations representatives at Samsung in the place of comment and went public with the body after they failed to reply about one week.

Samsung representatives did not without any intervention respond to a phone call and e-conveyance for ~ed matter from CNET seeking comment this aurora.

The incident could incur the passion of customers similar to the backlash that occurred following Sony BMG Music Entertainment sold model-protected compact discs that installed for a like rea~n-called rootkit software hidden inside computers in 2005. Sony was studiously sought to recall 4.7 million of the discs.

Updated 2:44 p.m. PT CNET Reviews could not provide the keylogger on a Samsung Series 9 laptop.

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Experience on your iPhone

Vimeo for iPhone

Use the Browse tab to swiftly get to the most popular Vimeo channels.

(Credit: Screenshot through Jason Parker/CNET)

Popular video religious madman site does not receive the same level of viewership for example YouTube, but it’s definitely a lofty place to find interesting user-made videos. Today, Vimeo released a enfranchise iPhone app that lets you induce the video site with you forward the go, but it lacks individual very important feature.

Vimeo for iPhone (unimpeded) lets you join up with the place or log in within the app in the same state you can upload, edit, and see videos on your iPhone. It comes with many of the popular Vimeo user-requested features like the Inbox, the potency to Watch Later, and Vimeo’s pick of Channels. The interface uses buttons athwart the bottom of the screen, letting you nibble your finished videos in My Videos, flick from one side your current projects in Recordings, and watch at videos you previously “liked” in My Stuff. There’s too a place to Browse Vimeo videos and direct the eye at your account information.

When you omit to make a video of your possess, simply hit the My Videos button and cause a new video using your iPhone camera or choose an existing video from your library. From in that place you’ll be able to bring out the video for length, join video clips simultaneously with some simple transitions, add audio (the Vimeo app offers some samples, but you can also employment your music library), and add a title to your project.

Vimeo for iPhone

The video-editing defence lets you choose and add transitions, audio, and the appellation of dignity of your video.

(Credit: Screenshot through Jason Parker/CNET)

In our testing, whether we were vigilance regular or HD videos, the Vimeo in favor of iPhone experience was incredibly smooth. We were apt to browse videos by category and flick from one side several submissions. The one feature that’s not useful is the ability to search beneficial to videos at the Vimeo site, however the folks at Vimeo pointed abroad that they made sure to gain many of the traditional Vimeo features like Watch Later and Channels into this reading first and will be adding hunt hopefully in the next release.

Overall, Vimeo during the term of iPhone is an excellent way to put a restraint out the popular video Web seat’s content with many of the features Vimeo users obtain come to love. Once Vimeo adds seek to this well-made app, it will be the ideal app for browsing

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Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player (review)

There’s been a al~ment of talk about storing our media in “the blurred spot” over the past few years, bound not a lot of action. We’ve seen sally-ups such as mSpot and MP3tunes rigging the music locker idea while options like SugarSync and Dropbox inveigle users looking for more general file backup solutions. Still, no one in addition has been able to push a mist storage service into the mainstream. With Cloud Drive, is hoping to change that.

The online megastore’s Cloud Drive online storage duty starts with a free 5GB base drawing that can be increased to 20GB, 50GB, 100GB, 200GB, 500GB, and 1,000GB, priced at $1 per gigabyte, per year (so that a 100GB design costs $100 per year). For a limited time, customers who advantage an album from Amazon’s MP3 provision are automatically upgraded to a 20GB touchstone account for one year.

Amazon Cloud Drive (photos)

What cozen you get?
The promise of a result like Amazon’s Cloud Drive is that you have power to upload all of the precious media files from whole of your computers and devices (home, act, phone) to one common place, to such a degree that you’re never stranded destitute of access to your digital media.

Aside from Amazon’s ready cross-platform uploader and downloader utilities and its browser-based tools during the term of viewing, downloading, and streaming your material, Amazon is also throwing in a Cloud Player outline within the Amazon MP3 application against Android. Using the free app, you be able to stream all the music you be seized of stored in the cloud, or download your tracks forward the fly for offline playback.

How does it act?
Once you’ve chosen your figure on Amazon’s site, you’ll subsist prompted to download and install each MP3 Uploader tool that runs inside the Mac– and PC-compatible Adobe Air platform (a withdraw download if you don’t already have it). After Amazon’s software is installed, it determine run a quick scan of your driving-course, report on how many music files you bear available to upload, and show you in what manner much storage is available with your current process.

If you don’t have compass for your whole collection, you can use the software to manually choose which artists, songs, or playlists you’d like to upload.

After uploading, you be able to navigate through your music collection using Amazon’s browser-based Cloud Player. Similar to the harmony locker interfaces we’ve seen from mSpot and MP3tunes, the Amazon Cloud Player allows you to manner your collection by song, artist, album, or genre ~ dint of. selecting from the intuitive sorting options in the left line. A listing of uploaded playlists is in like manner displayed below the main sorting options. We were prosperous to see that the Amazon uploader tool was adroit to digest our iTunes playlists, including Smart Playlists and Genius Playlists.

A full play/pause button and track disregard, shuffle, loop, and volume controls are lined up across the bottom of the player, proving affluent, friendly controls for playback.

To go your music back down from the throng and onto a computer, you bring forth two options. One way is to manually select any Cloud Drive file or folder and tick the download button located above the toothed list. If the file you’re downloading is score, you may be prompted to download Amazon’s Adobe Air-based MP3 Downloader app, grant that you probably already have this allowing that you’ve downloaded music from Amazon in the sight of.

The second way to retrieve your music is to set it up automatically in the state the Cloud Player’s settings menu. Here you’ll find a check box that will regulate the MP3 Downloader tool to automatically download a single one new music in your Cloud Drive to your computer. The setting is computer-precise, so it’s possible to join with things so that only your home computer have a mind download new Cloud Drive music, leaving your be computer uncluttered, for example. It’s a beneficial feature, and we’re glad to perceive that Amazon included it.

Cloud Player settings

Under the Amazon Cloud Player settings menu you can specify whether you'd like new music in your Cloud Drive automatically downloaded to your computer.

(Credit: Donald Bell/CNET)

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t deal with other types of files as elegantly in the same proportion that music. When you back out of the Cloud Player into the commander-in-chief Cloud Drive browser, you’ll determine judicially folders for documents, pictures, and videos, in etc. to music. Non-music files grape-juice be selected and uploaded through a browser pop-up window, instead of using the besides elegant and automatic MP3 Uploader tool. Once uploaded, your files are organized generically in the same proportion that a hierarchical tree of files and folders. You own the option to copy, move, download, and remove these files–but that’s it.

There are none options to share content, and in ~ degree pretty photo views, and video playback is handled ~ means of your browser. Common cloud backup features of that kind as folder monitoring and background uploading are too absent. In short, Amazon has a ways to endurance before Cloud Drive is a replete-featured online backup solution.

Why is this weighty?
First and foremost, Cloud Drive is a rid method for consolidating music collections that desire been strewn across multiple computers and devices. There are like products out there, but Amazon’s scale, the breadth of its storage plans, and the popular regard of its MP3 store will occasion Cloud Drive the service to pulsation in the music space.

From one industry perspective, the introduction of Cloud Drive and its ties into the Amazon MP3 reserve amount to a big competitive favorable opportunity over other music download stores, chiefly notably Apple’s iTunes store. Amazon is effectively guaranteeing a backup of your MP3 purchases at ~t any cost, which is a big inducement to go with Amazon over Apple.

Photo of the Amazon Cloud Drive.

The Amazon Cloud Drive works by your photos, documents, and videos, no more than the main thrust of the official function is music.

(Credit: Donald Bell/CNET)

What’s absent?
As a music storage and superintendence package, Amazon’s Cloud Drive and Cloud Player cabal is easy to use and not formal to recommend. There are some holes in the science of harmonical sounds service, such as limited format sustenance (strictly unprotected MP3 and AAC), the in some degree dry user interface, a reliance in successi~ the Adobe Air platform, and the be without of an iOS app. If and whereas Apple comes out with something similar, it will likely run within iTunes, dovetail with iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and tolerate Apple’s lossless audio format.

The biggest sense of frustration is how Amazon handles storage of non-symphony files. There are dozens of services used up there that are more adept at intelligently archiving and organizing photos, documents, and videos. The uptime trustworthiness of Amazon’s servers is over-scrupulous, and the plan pricing is competitive, but services such as SugarSync and Dropbox are more fit tools when it comes to routinely backing up turning files and folders.

Final thoughts
For minstrelsy fans, Amazon’s Cloud Drive and Cloud Player increase an unqualified thumbs-up from us. The estimation is right, the interface is single-minded, and if you’re already a cool of Amazon and its MP3 treasury, then it’s a slam dunk. If the sort of you want to do is automatically back up files other than your music collection, there are better products and services as far as concerns that out there.

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Firefox for Android reaches 'full' status

Firefox for Android, the awesome screen

Access bookmarks and browsing record with the "awesome screen" forward Firefox for Android.

(Credit: Mozilla)

For Android devotees, Mozilla’s issuance of Firefox because of Android has been a long wait. Sure, the browser former added it to the Android Market in beta configuration months ago and made the set free candidate (RC) available last week.

However, today marks the chief that the app is available in replete, unfettered by qualifications that mark it a prerelease outcome prone to bugs and subjected to strict user testing.

In other words, the app is done.

I gave my hands-on impressions of the faster, advantage-designed RC version of Firefox 4 as antidote to Android (and Maemo) last week, and my collaborator Seth Rosenblatt will be back through his own hands-on take, including the results of manifold benchmarking tests.

In the meantime, try ~right the free browser for yourself, and obstruction us know what you think–did Mozilla take the eye~ off just in time, or does Firefox in the place of Android still need some finishing touches?

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Microsoft: IE9 best at sparing your laptop battery

Microsoft's real-world power consumption measurements for several browsers.

Microsoft's actual-world power consumption measurements for individual browsers with a news site liberalize.

(Credit: Microsoft)

After some real-globe tests, Microsoft has concluded IE9 is the greatest in number energy-efficient of the major browsers in successi~ the market.

Microsoft compared its renovated browser with Opera 11, Firefox 4, Chrome 10, and Safari 5 put ~ an Intel laptop, measuring how multitude watts the machine consumed with the browser idling, showing a word site, and running graphics-intensive Web tests.

The conclusion: IE9 is the most efficient in the ground of admission, meaning it’ll take the smallest impost on the battery.

“We hope and further the industry and other browser vendors to follow us on the path to a in greater numbers power efficient Web,” said Walter VonKoch, Matthew Robben, and Jason Weber, three Microsoft personnel involved in force and performance matters.

There’s plentiful wiggle room in the study, of methodical arrangement–your mileage may vary in somewhat number of ways. The tests were steady Windows 7–but how does Safari pass on a Mac? IE9 has lots of hardware hastening features that can reduce power tabes–but Firefox 4 and later other browsers endeavor some hardware acceleration on Windows XP, overmuch. Microsoft’s selection of Web sites may not show the sites where you actually dissipate time. Different computers have different navy consumption and power-saving characteristics. And of turn in the real world, most population run more software than just a browser.

But the results are expensive nonetheless. I applaud Microsoft for setting up a criterion and for caring about power atrophy.

It makes sense to cut spirit usage from an environmental and fiscal perspective, needless to say, but better battery life is more important towards the average person. Students moving round campus and traveling businesspeople don’t at all times have the luxury of a capacity outlet on hand.

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