RIM launches Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0 beta

21 Mar

Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0 (Credit: RIM/BlackBerry)

BlackBerry-builder RIM hasn’t always seen a roseate reception of its Facebook for BlackBerry app, but the version 2.0 beta efficacy change some minds with its a great quantity deeper integration.

Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0, what one. launches today in a limited beta, gets a laundry wish of new additions, big and tiny. There’s Facebook Chat, which you can access from the Facebook application or slide from the stocks from within your BlackBerry contact bound. You’ll also get notified of starting a~ Facebook chat messages in your intimation list.

RIM has also created a discriminating new way to get to aggregate your menu items, in the mould of a navigation grid of icons overlaid adhering the screen to help you rouse around (pictured above). This menu used to stand in judgment in previous versions as a make destitute of menu icons at the highest part of the app.

Instead, the rise above of Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0 shows a new notification bar that summarizes your Facebook advantage. and activities, like wall posts, messages, and loved requests. That’s in addition to the stratagem notification bar that you can practice to see other alerts pertaining to your BlackBerry, like BBM messages and wile alarms.

One of the smaller, except equally important, additions involves something for the re~on that simple as scrolling the news take nourishment and commenting with a single clack or tap on the screen. The acting fits right into the natural Facebook follow.

Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0’s be directed and feel have changed somewhat, yet it still comes across as blocky overall. The additions are definitely salutation, and a long time in advent.

While we continue liking some of the app’s BlackBerry features, like the integration of Facebook contacts into the BlackBerry apply to book, RIM’s version of Facebook smooth seems behind in features and usability compared by Facebook on other mobile platforms, ~ly notably iOS. Let’s hope plane more changes come in the definitive version.

As always, feel free to embrace your own wish list of additions in the comments.

BlackBerry Beta Zone members get a chance of downloading the limited-availability beta of Facebook since BlackBerry 2.0 starting now.

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