Google working to reverse Chrome bloat

22 Mar

Chrome has grown steadily bigger since its public launch in September 2008.

Chrome has grown unwaveringly bigger since its public launch in September 2008.

(Credit: data from Google; chart by Stephen Shankland/CNET)

When Chrome got its dislocate, the browser was svelte and tight-loading if limited.

Now, it’s got plentiful of features, but two years later, it’s intimately three times bigger. And Google, deciding that’s not a immaculate thing, has set up a oppress force to curtail Chrome bloat.

The undertaking force is “aggressively looking at options to draw down the size of Chrome dole binaries,” said Anthony Laforge, Chrome technical program overseer, in a mailing list message this month. Binary files are the ones computers see through; they’re created from human-comprehensible original code.

With broadband connections, large toothed sizes aren’t necessarily a showstopper. But they can cause plenty of problems. Chrome Developer Ian Fette described sum of ~ units:

1. We do distribution deals through Chrome, where we bundle Chrome by other products. These get difficult which time our binary grows. 2. We mark increased download failures / install dropoffs viewed like the binary grows, especially in countries by poor bandwidth like India. India in like manner happens to be a very virtue market for Chrome (we have of established credit) market share there and growing), in such a manner that’s also very problematic.

Added one more Chrome programmer, Adam Barth:

At a in addition macro level, adding MB to Chrome is nice invisible to developers. It’s a tragedy of the commons, where each of us grazes our cows appropriate a bit and piles on rightful a few more KB. Performance would subsist the same, except we’re fanatical relating to not regress startup or page oppression performance. Maybe we need to exist more fanatical about not regressing double size?

Firefox has grown from 9.0MB through version 1.0 to 26.2MB beneficial to version 10.0 on Windows. Despite centre of life dogged by reputations of being bloatware, Firefox 4.0 is 12.0MB conducive to the Windows version.

Chrome has proved to subsist influential. It increased the relevance of the debatable-source WebKit browser engine project in c~tinuance which it and Apple’s Safari are based. Mozilla has embraced Chrome’s sound-rev ethos, starting after today’s free of Firefox 4.

Google Chrome logo

And although it’s grievous to find a direct link from visible statements, it seems likely that Chrome helped to adjoin fuel to the fire Microsoft lit in its Internet Explorer developers. With IE9, released be unexhausted week, Microsoft once again has a prompted by emulation browser. (For a walk down memory lane, check this superb tour of Internet Explorer 1.0 through 9.0.)

Google updated its Chrome logo after all the rest week, though the change won’t arrive over the developer version of the browser till Chrome 11 reaches beta and indestructible versions.

“Since Chrome is all encircling making your web experience as complaisant and clutter-free as possible, we refreshed the Chrome icon to taker of odds represent these sentiments. A simpler icon embodies the Chrome enterprise — to make the web quicker, lighter, and easier in the place of all,” Google designer Steve Rura uttered in a blog post yesterday.

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