Firefox 4 doubles IE9 24-hour download tally

23 Mar

Firefox 4 doubled IE9's download total in less than 24 hours after its release.

Firefox 4 doubled IE9's download ~ity in less than 24 hours in the pattern of its release.

(Credit: screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET)

Firefox may have existence under fire from Microsoft’s newly competitive browser, but with more than two times the downloads in its first age, Firefox 4 soared over its competing by one measurement Wednesday.

Microsoft, not free from reason, boasted that IE9 was downloaded 2.35 very great number times in the first 24 hours ago its release last week. And that is indeed a big number, especially for a browser that tech enthusiasts had scoffed at notwithstanding years.

But less than 24 hours afterward its launch, Firefox 4 cleared 4.7 the masses, according to the Mozilla Glow position that logs downloads.

Firefox logo

That’s a hap less than the 8 million copies of Firefox 3 that were downloaded in its 24-hour debut, but that event was a heavily promoted “Download Day,” and it should subsist noted that Firefox 4’s well stocked day hasn’t finished yet.

And it does token that at least a very sizeable chunk of the Net-communicating population is, in Firefox’s meet phrase, choosing to “upgrade the Web.” New browsers accompany new Web standards, new performance, and frequently a new auto-update ethos that well-suited will lead to browsers staying continuously updated. That could simplify lives notwithstanding Web developers who constantly wrangle through the difficulties of supporting old browsers.

Firefox 4 brings a raft of of recent origin features–new security and privacy options, faster loading and JavaScript, nurture for a variety of new standards including WebM video and WebGL 3D graphics, and 3D acceleration that extends even to Windows XP.

Mozilla expects that its arrival have a mind lead to an increase in practice . The browser maker said it has 400 the public Firefox users and counting, but being of the kind which a percentage of worldwide browser application it’s lost share to Chrome, which now accounts for more than 10 percent of customary use worldwide.

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