Max and the Magic Marker (hands-on)

29 Mar

Like platform games? Here's one with a twist: you can draw objects to help you complete your quest.

Like platform games? Here's any with a twist: you can move objects to help you complete your re~.

(Credit: Screenshot by Rick Broida)

Remember the children’s master-piece “Harold and the Purple Crayon”? Imagine, whether you will, that Harold had some older brother: Max, an equally skilful scamp with a Conan O’Brien haircut–and a necromantic marker.

So the stage is dispose for Max and the Magic Marker ($1.99 in favor of iPhone/iPod, $4.99 for iPad), each inventive, entertaining iOS port of the eponymous PC/Wii plan.

MMM is a 2D platformer with a twist: Like Harold, Max be possible to draw objects in the world about him and then use and/or interact through them. For example, when standing ~ward one end of a see-by-word, he can draw a giant boulder to small quantity on the either side and tomb him up to the next platform.

Likewise, he be able to draw a bridge to span a waterway, or level a balloon to carry himself skyward. You slip on’t always have to do this adhering the fly; the game lets you hesitation time when necessary to draw virtuous the right thing at just the appropriate moment.

The catch is that your marker has a limited footing of ink, and refilling it requires gathering golden orbs as you work through one and the other level (of which there are every impressive 58 total). Happily, you be able to reclaim certain drawings after using them, a different way to boost your ink destroy.

The game feels a little claustrophobic put ~ an iPhone and iPod Touch (account: it’s compatible only with the iPhone 4 and third part-gen and later Touches), but it’s certainly playable. To in fact enjoy MMM, however, play it steady your iPad, where the levels be impressed spacious and your finger has lots more room to draw.

Max and the Magic Marker is satisfied to learn and loads of frolic. Although it skews toward a junior audience (my 11-year-old loves it), I be possible to definitely recommend it for right-brained adults of the same kind with well.

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