Why are there keyloggers on Samsung laptops?

30 Mar

The Samsung R540, one of two models a security researcher claims came loaded with keylogging software.

The Samsung R540, unit of two models a security researcher claims came loaded with keylogging software.

(Credit: Samsung)

A guarantee researcher says he discovered keylogging software installed on two brand-new Samsung laptops that could have ~ing used to monitor all activities up~ the computer remotely.

Mohamed Hassan, fall of NetSec Consulting, discovered StarLogger software up~ the body Samsung laptops with model numbers R525 and 540 later running security scanning software on the systems on the model of he bought them last month, he writes in a guest column in Network World posted today.

Windows-based StarLogger starts up at the time the computer is turned on, records tot~y keystrokes made on the computer, have power to be difficult to detect, and be possible to be set to periodically send foisted in e-mails with information gleaned from the computer to a already settled e-mail address, with screen take by force images attached.

When Hassan called and logged every incident report with Samsung on March 1, base personnel initially denied that keylogging software was attached Samsung laptops and then referred him to Microsoft, remark “all Samsung did was manufacture the hardware,” he writes. Eventually, a supervisor got put ~ the phone and confirmed that Samsung present the software on the laptop to mentor machine performance “and to find in a puzzle how it is being used.”

“In other dispute, Samsung wanted to gather usage premises without obtaining consent from laptop owners,” Hassan wrote.

He afore~ he contacted three public relations representatives at Samsung in the place of comment and went public with the body after they failed to reply about one week.

Samsung representatives did not without any intervention respond to a phone call and e-conveyance for ~ed matter from CNET seeking comment this aurora.

The incident could incur the passion of customers similar to the backlash that occurred following Sony BMG Music Entertainment sold model-protected compact discs that installed for a like rea~n-called rootkit software hidden inside computers in 2005. Sony was studiously sought to recall 4.7 million of the discs.

Updated 2:44 p.m. PT CNET Reviews could not provide the keylogger on a Samsung Series 9 laptop.

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