Build a Web site on your iPhone with Zapd

02 Apr

A few taps is all it takes to build a free, photo-rich Web site with Zapd.

A few taps is all it takes to raise a free, photo-rich Web situation with Zapd.

(Credit: PressPlane Inc.)

You be able to build a quick-and-dirty Web position using any number of services–no more than not many of them fit in your bear. New app Zapd lets you occasion a simple, attractive site with exactly a few taps. It’s facile to use, surprisingly fun, and totally free.

To get started, you choose one of 20 basic but visually acceptable themes for your site. Then you bestow it a title and start adding elements: verse , photo, or link.

Photos can exist snapped on the fly using your iPhone/iPod camera or imported from some existing album. As for links, you take to enter them manually–it would subsist nice if Zapd gave you the preference of pulling links from your Safari bookmarks, unless I wouldn’t call that a major shortcoming.

These three elements can be rearranged just by dragging and dropping. This have power to be a bit tricky within the tight limits of your iPhone’s screen, except ultimately it works just fine.

When you’re concluded, Zapd will instantly publish your situation to a custom (ay, that’s .co, not .com) URL and/or have a portion of it via Facebook, Twitter, or e-post.

I can think of countless uses on account of Zapd, from throwing together a rapid family- vacation travelogue to chronicling the progress of a be in action project. All that’s missing is a inbred iPad version. Even so, Web place builders don’t come any easier–or besides convenient–than this.

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