Facebook for iPhone gets event check-ins, unfriending

05 Apr

Facebook for iPhone gets unfriending

Press the dart on a contact’s profile boy-servant to unfriend.

(Credit: Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET)

I at all times love seeing new functionality for Facebook instead of iPhone, and the team has trotted loudly not just tweaks, but some improvements that interfere a real difference.

For instance, you be possible to now unfriend former buddies directly from the phone, in place of having to cut them most distant from your profile page on the station (not that I would ever make such a thing, of course.)

Just endure to a contact’s profile page and press the arrow in the tip-right corner, the same you would spigot to add a friend as a preferred or launch a Facebook message.

The map view for Facebook Places is also a useful embellishment. Just click a intimate’s name in the Activity inspect of your Places list and you’ll understand a thumbnail that plots the locating of his or her latest repression-in on a Google Map. Tap the map to expand it to full-cloak size.

Maps appear in Places in Facebook for iPhone

Places listed in Facebook despite iPhone now get Google maps.

(Credit: Screenshot ~ means of Jessica Dolcourt/CNET)

Event check-ins are the third substantial feature in this Facebook update. If you’re invited to a friend’s birthday party, for instance, you’ll at this moment be able to check in when you arrive.

This is a according to the rules of logic extension of Facebook check-ins and unit that will encourage more people to truly use the service. A pre-existing turn of expression continues to let you check in to individual businesses via Facebook Places, which is much additional difficult if you’re attending, tell, a friend’s birthday party in a leisure warehouse.

Facebook has also modified the Notifications interface and the newsfeed in this latest free.

The iPhone version of Facebook has drawn out led the way in introducing renovated features in a clean design. In my persuasion, it’s also been the chiefly intuitive to use. So long while the team continues to roll in a puzzle useful features that bring the app closer to the Web location’s capabilities, I’ll continue to exist a happy Facebook camper.

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