Google Maps for Android adds new location, check-in features

05 Apr

Google Maps for Android location history

Location stats in the newly come Google Maps for Android 5.3.

(Credit: Google)

Google has tweaked Google Maps according to Android once again. Starting today, smartphones running Android 1.6 and up command see new location history and checkered cloth-in features in Google Maps 5.3.

The ~ and foremost addition is for maps users who esteem enabled Google Latitude on their half face. If you choose to, you’ll after this be able to view stats and graphs of your establishing history, including estimates that break below the horizon how you allocate your time at act, home, or elsewhere.

Maps’ second fashion expands the pre-existing Latitude hold in ~-in option to let followers and friends understand you’re at home when you’re not in a puzzle. You can tap Home to fellow your location with your personal citadel of solitude.

Finally, Google Maps 5.3 tweaks the opportunity to pass you rate establishments in Hotpot, its reviews implement. Now you can add not deserved comments, but traits that define a function, like a swanky bathroom, great melody, or comfortable chairs.

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