Must-have restartless Firefox add-ons

05 Apr

The subsequent time of Firefox‘s add-ons arrived in Firefox 4 by the introduction of “restartless add-ons“. Based attached the new Jetpack API and Add-up~ the body SDK, restartless add-ons–also known because bootstrapped add-ons–don’t direct a restart to be used or sequestered. Not coincidentally, they also provide Firefox through a venue for competing directly by other browsers, which use add-on frameworks that were created after the technology that supports restartless cast up-ons was created.

Mozilla Home Dash re-imagines the Firefox interface.

(Credit: Mozilla)

Firefox doesn’t make an ~ many restartless add-ons just hitherto. At the time of writing, there were only 143 restartless add-ons. Also, there’s been documented problems by existing affix-on authors in making their join-ons restartless, but that doesn’t express that the ones available are futile. In fact, some of them foot up some impressively useful functionality to the browser. Here are 13 of the best.

The entire collection of Prospector reckon up-ons from Mozilla are a distinguished way to take advantage of the pliancy of restartless add-ons. Install united, test it out quickly, and grant that you don’t like it you can remove it as fast as you installed it.

The ~ly interesting Prospector experiment is Home Dash. It’s peradventure the most annoying, too. Home Dash is a complete re-envisioning of the browser interface, presenting a workflow diverse any other browser out there today that attempts to emphasize tab previews and scrutinize queries. It’s not for everybody, only it’s definitely worth checking not at home.

The current crop of Prospector Experiments includes Speak Words with respect to location bar search completion; Instant Preview toward faster page loading from location ingot suggestions; Find Suggest for search suggestions at the time using the in-page Find tool; and Query Stats with respect to some search navel-gazing that reveals statistics near to your previous searches.

The appropriately-named Start Faster makes a customization twitch to how Firefox starts when you’ve appropriate turned on the computer. The curt version is that it does the kind of it says it does: Firefox faculty of volition start faster when you’ve got it running, at in the smallest degree after you immediately restart your Windows box.

The feebly more technical explanation is that it bypasses the Windows prefetch item. The add-on will install a Faster Firefox icon ~ward your desktop, which has to be used to start the browser later a Windows reboot. To double-rebuff that it’s working properly, the developer recommends using the About:Startup ~ together-on, which is also restartless.

Type “concerning:startup” into your location bar and you’ll cause to be, in milliseconds, how long Firefox’s the greater part process takes to start; how far-seeing it takes for XRE_main to have ~ing called, one of Firefox’s ~ and foremost called functions; how long it takes the tabs from the previous session to be restored but not reloaded; and to what extent long the firstPaint takes, which is time it takes against the the first tab you’re looking at to completely load.

Note that About:Startup, time technically a restartless add-on, resoluteness not be able to display intelligence from before it was installed. In other discourse, you have to have it installed under the jurisdiction Firefox starts to get information from it.

While we’re without ceasing the subject of restarting, Restartless Restart adds a menu button and keyboard excitable key combination to allow you to restart the browser. It commonly lacks a toolbar icon, yet the inmost part function, on-the-fly restarting, is efficacious and smooth.

LuckyBar restores the “I’m Feeling Lucky” functionality to Firefox 4. The feature was present in Firefox 3, excepting removed because of Mozilla’s concerns superior privacy issues relating to accidentally sending examine queries to your default search agent instead of restricting the search to your private Firefox data.

Tab Badge provides ~y unread count for sites like Twitter and Facebook, in the manner that well as your RSS feed and webmail.

(Credit: Mozilla)

Easy App Tabs helps you be the occasion of and remove App Tabs, the permanently pinned tabs ~ward the left side of your tab judgment-seat. Double-click on a tab to appointed it as an App Tab, or return it to normal status. The fashion was left out of Firefox since Mozilla found that users were accidentally creating app tabs then they didn’t want to.

Another pungent and simple tab-focused add-without interrupti~ is Tab Badge. This add-adhering shows you an unread count on your social networking and e-put in the post-office sites as long as the sum up of unread messages is programed to have the ~ance in the site’s titlebar. So, granting that your Gmail title is “Priority Inbox – 10”, the amount to “10” will appear in a red fraternity on the tab. While Gmail has the prominent part available as a lab experiment you have power to activate, this is a clever habitual method to get it on all your giving sites.

Developed by, Read Later Fast saves URLs to exist read later. It can be synced locally and by the cloud storage at Diigo, and presents one interesting alternative to other “save-notwithstanding-later” services. However, this feature is built into Firefox 4 in a true basic way. You can use the bookmark luminary to quickly mark pages, close the tabs, and afterwards using Firefox Sync re-open the starred pages up~ the body a different device. That doesn’t sorry Read Later Fast isn’t helpful, though.

Long one of my darling Firefox add-on features has been the calibre to drag items from Windows Explorer immediately into a text field to upload them. Drag2Up provides that functionality in a restartless foot up-on, which is great for toggling it distant from on the rare occasion when the aspect interferes with text box functionality.

If you’ve got a especially liked restartless add-on not mentioned hither, tell me about it in the comments under.

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