Bing's iPad app takes aim at Safari

07 Apr

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Microsoft today is releasing its rudimentary iPad application, a version of its Bing expressive application that’s been specifically designed with a view to tablet users.

And make no be wide of the mark about it, Microsoft is trying its hardest to reassure people to use it over the built-in Safari browser at the time that searching and exploring the Web.

It’s a brazen-faced claim, so let’s take a air at some of the things that the Bing iPad app does to back up that claim.

As you’d imagine, the app revolves around searching on Bing. No matter what you’re doing in the app in that place’s a search bar in the outgo–just like in Safari. The Bing app makes that hindrance considerably larger, as well as adding notes search powered by TellMe, and a leap list on the side with suggestions, akin searches, search history, and a predicable filter to pick between Web searches, and word, video and image search.

Bing's iPad app home guard.

(Credit: Screenshot by Josh Lowensohn/CNET)

Each time you probe, a tile swoops in from the up~ side of the screen, acting considered in the state of a tab of its own. You be possible to zoom, pan and navigate through these merited like you would a tab in your browser, by the addition of a highlighting tool to search for words or phrases on Web pages that’s easier to observe and to toggle on and along than its Safari counterpart.

These Bing results pages stack, in like manner if you want to go back to a preceding search, you can just slide your touch across the screen to jump to a unlike page. This type of UI is resembling to Twitter’s iPad app, except lets you stack together a bigger assemblage of preview pages. As an ill-fated side effect, pages that have loaded generate purged from the iPad’s remembrance pretty quickly (at least on the leading-generation iPad), so it’s not stingily as seamless as having multiple spread tabs on your desktop browser, or using a third-party iPad browser with tab play that does a better job in favor of page states to memory.

Nonetheless, the connected view has been designed for you to tear through searches, then hop back and from confinement between the results and destination pages. These stay persisting from session to session, using your Bing story as a frame of reference, for a like rea~n that you can come back and ~ about your business through past searches just by continuing to well-sweep backwards in time. Those in a urge can also hop to a dedicated record section that lists all your beyond searches.

Results pages, and destination pages stack on top of one another, so you can head back and forth between them with a finger swipe.

Results pages and destination pages stack attached top of one another, so you be able to head back and forth between them with a finger swipe.

(Credit: Screenshot ~ the agency of Josh Lowensohn/CNET)

Where the note begins to blur, though, is that the app doubles of the same kind with a content aggregator. Just like by the iPhone version, you can explore weather, movie listings, and news, goal the iPad app places these items of the same kind with tiles at the bottom of the app’s home cover. Clicking on any of them pleasure fire up a specially formatted boy-servant for the iPad. You can too customize certain ones like finance and bear up against to use your favorite stock symbols, or locality so they’ll give you that info from their thumbnail. Considering the iPad doesn’t ship with first-party apps for weather or funds , this is a nice two-on this account that-one.

Adding to this is a dedicated intelligence reader, which breaks down the upper end stories by category and gives you a thumbnail, headline, who published it and at what time it was published. You can tweak what sections are included in this reader, to the degree that well as where they appear. Once once more, the swiping UI comes into revel, so once you’re done delineation any of the articles you’ve clicked in c~tinuance, you can simply swipe it not on the screen to find another fiction to read, or swipe in the other government to bring it back.

The news story view is a bit different from on the Web, and on the iPhone. The iPad app offers a grid you can parse through with thumbnails, headlines and timestamps.

The advice story view is a bit dissimilar from on the Web, and on the iPhone. The iPad app offers a grid you be able to parse through with thumbnails, headlines and timestamps.

(Credit: Screenshot ~ means of Josh Lowensohn/CNET)

To break finished specific points of interest, there’s the trends tab, what one. breaks down the day’s trend search topics as a jumping against point for searches. This is debarring to the iPad application, though keeps a shortlist of trending topics on its front page that changes from head to foot the day.

Each day in the trends part gets a grid of 10 thumbnails, and the app lets you proceed back for the past seven days to distinguish what was trending. Depending on what kind of content it is, it be disposed open up in a different mark of Bing search results page. So grant that you click on something like a reputation who’s been in the advice, you’ll get taken to a page that tells you who they are, shows you which they look like, and serve up somewhat related news stories about them. Whereas whether you click on something like a harmony video, it will deliver you to a video gamester page (which it’s worth noting was not in operation through the in-app browser at what time I gave the app a spend).

The trends page is an exclusive to iPad users. It grabs trending searches and puts them in a 10 tile grid users can tap to search.

The trends page is an aristocratic to iPad users. It grabs trend searches and puts them in a 10-tile grid that users be able to tap to search.

(Credit: Screenshot ~ means of Josh Lowensohn/CNET)

The whole time this is going forward, you’re never jettisoned from the putting into practice or even given the option to unprotected up some pages in Safari, similar to other apps have done. You be able to copy and e-mail Bing links, except if you want to bookmark them, or emit them to a printer–as you be able to do in the iPad’s browser–you’re exhausted of luck with the current rendering. By comparison, Google’s search app steady the iPad includes a link gone ~ to Safari, as well as letting you leap over straight to URLs from its inspect bar without first having to venture to the examination results page.

All in all, Bing has made a beautiful jump from the iPhone and iPod Touch to the iPad. What the Bing people have managed to do with the supplemental screen real estate goes a for a ~ time way toward making information gathering and entertaining oneself a seamless experience in a way that’s courteous, but uniquely different from the desktop lection of Bing. Is it a distinct enough one to make people make choice of it over the browser for ingesting appease? With the lack of a second nature to peck in URLs, bookmark sites, or with haste jump to specific open pages, not entirely. But allowing for how close the much more susceptible search bar is at all epochs, and all the stories, photos and videos at your fingertips, these omissions are not a greater problem.

Bing’s iPad app hits the App Store today and is inner reality offered as a separate entity from its iPhone and iPod Touch sibling.

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