Microsoft to release Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 1 next Wednesday

07 Apr

Bumping up assuredness, stability, and adding a few new features, Microsoft’s Mac Team announced put ~ their blog today that the in the ~ place major update for Office for Mac 2011, dubbed Service Pack 1, force of ~ be available for download next Wednesday. The major new feature will enable syncing from Microsoft’s Outlook to Apple’s Sync Services.

Calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks inclination all be available for syncing to in ~ degree Apple device, including iPads, iPhones, and iPods. One restraint to be aware of, according to the declaration on the Microsoft Mac Team blog:

“MobileMe direct no longer sync with MacOS Sync Services of the same kind with of May 5th (or now allowing that you have already moved your rehearsal to the new version of MobileMe register of the year). As a result, Outlook 2011 SP1 calendars that sync by Sync Services on the Mac, resoluteness NOT be synced with MobileMe calendars.”

Basically, this resource Mac users who have MobileMe resoluteness not be able to sync too the air. Instead, they will be in actual possession of to sync manually by plugging their emblem into their Mac.

(Credit: Microsoft)

A not many other upgrades available in the Office during Mac 2011 SP1 update include:

“Outlook comfort for Exchange based server-side rules; Outlook Redirect button (you be possible to redirect the message to the intended receiver and the replies will go to the origin sender); Outlook Resend button; Outlook manage of existing messages; and Solver integration favor in Excel.”

Stay tuned to CNET because an official review of the Office as far as concerns Mac 2011 SP1 update as well since any issues that may arise afterward it. Are you looking forward to the update? Do you application iWork instead? OpenOffice? Let me perceive in the comments!

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