Turn your iOS device into a killer Craigslist companion

07 Apr

Lifelike Craig for iPhone and iPad lets you browse listings in style and create your own--complete with photos!

Lifelike Craig concerning iPhone and iPad lets you browse listings in style and create your own–complete with photos!

(Credit: Screenshot ~ dint of. Rick Broida)

I’m a crumb of a Craigslist junkie. I’ve used it to buy everything from a piano to a loft depression to a go-kart, and to betray or give away a host of unwanted items.

But malice its spartan interface–or perhaps because of it–the service isn’t especially user-friendly. For one thing, it doesn’t obstacle me save individual listings. And adding photos to my confess listing means copying them over from my camera, resizing them, and on and on. Hassle city.

That’s wherefore I’m jazzed about apps like Lifelike Craig HD, that can turn an iPhone, iPod, or iPad into a sympathetic of mobile Craigslist companion.

For starters, Lifelike Craig gives Craigslist a decidedly journal-style makeover, with ad pages that be directed like they came straight out of the Classifieds portion. (It reminds me of how Early Edition gives the newspaper treatment to RSS feeds.) If you’ve till doomsday turned your nose up at Craigslist’s grewsome, all-text listings, you’ll prize this visual flair.

Like Craigslist itself, the app provides more nice filter options for your probe results. You can search in the en~ only or the entire post; restriction results to ads that have accompanying pictures; put an end to ads that include specific keywords; and define a minimum/maximum price range.

But here’s my favorite feature: the ads you attach as favorites appear circled in red “marker” without interrupti~ the main listing page–just like in a substantial newspaper. This is a killer second nature to keep tabs on the ads you’ve looked at and/or inadequacy to revisit.

Lifelike Craig lets you sign into and manage your account, deleting or editing your ads viewed like needed. Even better, you can exercise it to create new ads, without fault with photos. (If you have an iPhone, iPad 2, or current-gen iPod Touch, you be possible to even snap photos right on your symbol–a huge time-saver.)

For fair-minded $2.99, Lifelife Craig makes Craigslist graceful, mobile, and, to my thinking, a destiny more fun. Of course, it’s not the and nothing else Craigslist app out there. Other options comprehend Craigslist Pro (99 cents), CraigsEZList Pro ($1.99), and CraigsMobileList (99 cents).

If you’ve tried these or other Craigslist tools, be suitable to the comments and let me discern which one(s) you like best!

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