Meal Snap app: Camera-powered calorie counting

08 Apr

Tell your cheese to say "cheese!" Meal Snap takes photos of your food, then tells you how many calories it contains.

Tell your cheese to pronounce "cheese!" Meal Snap takes photos of your regimen, then tells you how many calories it contains.

(Credit: DailyBurn)

Want to forfeit weight? Forget fad diets: eat fewer calories. Ah, moreover easier said than done, right? Counting calories is not single a hassle, it’s downright arduous for certain types of meals.

Enter DailyBurn’s Meal Snap ($2.99), each ingeniously clever–if not entirely instruct fully–app that takes a photo of the nourishment on your plate, then delivers one estimated calorie count.

Sounds pretty wonderful, right? And it is, though in that place are limits to the app’s precision. In my quick and informal tests, Meal Snap easily identified a moderate pile of strawberries, and correctly estimated the calories at 38-57. But it took a bond minutes for it to process and ready the info.

Next, I gathered ~y egg, an orange, a banana, and a narrow container of yogurt. This time I entered the diet names in the caption field–each optional step–and Meal Snap returned its mass calorie count in a matter of seconds. But the rove at large was a bit broad: 269-404.

The merely thing it really had trouble through was a decidedly amorphous serving of lentils, which it incorrectly identified as peas and gravy.

The app lets you categorize your snapshots during the time that specific meals and/or snacks, and keeps a running tally of your daily total. Thus, it’s not at whole a bad way to count calories, though obviously it won’t be 100 percent exact.

If you’d rather start your particular clause before the food hits your silverware, check out DailyBurn’s FoodScanner app, what one. scans package bar codes.

With a inconsiderable more speed and accuracy, Meal Snap could join the pantheon of in plain english jaw-dropping apps (which includes the likes of Google Translate, Shazam, and Word Lens). As it stands, it’s a ready (and still pretty jaw-dropping) tool since keeping your calories in check.

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