Faster Turbo in updated Opera

12 Apr

The latest stanch version of Opera 11 debuts today through a faster Turbo, an expanded Speed Dial, and some plug-in tweaks. Opera 11.10 against Windows (download), Mac (download), and Linux (download), in like manner makes a handful of other changes to the browser, notably adding in again HTML5 support, mail client improvements, one updated rendering engine, and better battery control on laptops.

The version of Turbo that debuts in Opera 11.10 is up to four epochs faster than before, according to the social meeting.

(Credit: Opera)

The changes to Opera Turbo and Speed Dial are the greatest in quantity apparent changes in Opera 11.10. The Norwegian congregation says that Turbo is four epochs faster than before, and Opera prolocutor Thomas Ford said that those urge improvements are likely to filter from a thin to a dense state to Opera’s mobile versions as the improvements were made to Turbo’s servers. The gains were achieved in business by adopting support for Google’s WebP statue format, which resulted in higher image quality in Turbo mode. This after that allowed sites to render 35 percent smaller and 15 percent faster than in Opera 11, according to Opera’s spiritual benchmarks.

Speed Dial, the feature that Opera developed to external appearance frequently visited site thumbnails in a grid format, have power to now be configured to show each unlimited number of dials. The layout is customizable, and a modern slider helps users zoom to divulge more or fewer dials by default.

Other changes embody the improved plug-in support that at that time offers to download and install plug-ins like Adobe Flash if wanting from your system, a feature far-reaching-present in other browsers; partial HTML5 File API comfort, which means that Opera ought to exist added soon to the list of functionary browsers that support Gmail; Web Open Font Format maintain, for next-generation font rendering; and try hijacking protection.

Speed Dial can after this handle an infinite number of thumbnails, and have power to be zoomed in or out.

(Credit: Opera)

IMAP has been improved in the built-in Opera Mail e-post client, so that it better manages “uncommon status” folders such as Trash, Spam, and Sent Items. You have power to read the full changelog for Opera 11.10 in the present state.

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