Nokia Ovi Store reaches 5 million daily downloads

12 Apr

Nokia's Ovi Store online.

Nokia's Ovi Store from the Web.

(Credit: Screenshot through Don Reisinger/CNET)

After announcing sum of ~ units new smartphones today, Nokia has released stats about its Ovi Store.

According to the social meeting, its app store is marking 5 a thousand thousand downloads each day. Owners of more of its latest phones, including the Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7, and the Nokia E7, description for 15 percent of all the diurnal downloads in the Ovi Store.

Nokia launched the Ovi Store in May 2009. Although it got distant from to a rough start–it was criticized with regard to poor navigation and an overall subpar user experience–Nokia has done a fine piece of work of making it more user-of mutual regard by improving navigation.

In addition, Nokia and AT&T announced a $10 the multitude contest last fall to promote the Ovi Store. The call in question, which ran through the end of March, required developers to produce applications and register. The companies are offering more than $4 million to 51 developers who originate high-quality and popular applications. The four excel winners will receive $5.8 the great body of the people in prizes, including being featured in Nokia’s 2011 marketing campaigns.

All that essay at improving the appeal of its Ovi Store is seemingly paying off. Back in October, Nokia announced that its marketplace had fortune 2.3 million daily downloads. Just above the top a month later, it reached the 3 the multitude mark. At that time, just 92 developers had additional than 1 million downloads for their apps. Nokia uttered today that that figure has grown to 158 developers.

Nokia’s lay in ~ now has more than 40,000 applications, measuring one “eight-fold” increase year-over-year, the visitors said. About 1,000 applications are inmost nature added to its store each week.

Even in the way that, the Ovi Store is still easily overshadowed by the competition. According to Apple’s Web station, its App Store has over 350,000 serviceable applications. Google told CNET last month that its Android Market offers from one side of to the other 150,000 applications.

Moreover, Apple’s App Store has easily overshadowed Nokia’s changeable marketplace in downloads. Apple announced earlier this year that not so much than three years after its App Store’s lance, 10 billion apps had been downloaded. At the time, near 1,000 apps were being downloaded from Apple’s supply every three seconds.

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