Pieceable puts working iOS apps in your browser

13 Apr

You’re itch to test drive an iOS exercise, but the lack of a prodigal trial, the limited screenshots, and not at all demo videos are holding you back from pulling the trigger without ceasing a purchase. Such hurdles could willingly be toppled with a new homage called the Pieceable Viewer.

Parent concourse Pieceable, which is working on a tool to let people create mobile applications with a optical editor as opposed to writing lines of digest, has come up with a viewer that have power to demo iOS applications on the Web, sans iOS manoeuvre. Developers send their finished .app toothed to Pieceable, where it’s hosted to the Web letting tribe use it just like they would adhering their phone, except with a look closely.

The company is pitching it of the same kind with a way for sharing applications that are ~y in development, as well as acquisition around Apple’s device ID-driven hypothesis, which places limits on side-loading unpublished applications exterior of the company’s App Store. Ironically enough, the applying also makes use of Adobe’s Flash to demo apps, a technology Apple does not relinquish on its iOS devices.

For after this the service works with iPhone apps, except the company says it will ~ together support for iPad apps in a coming events iteration. According to TechCrunch, Android apps are nearest on the list.

In an e-post to CNET, Pieceable Software co-fall Fred Potter said that the house had attempted to get in shade with Apple about the product, end had not heard back. As hostile as security goes, Potter said that the social meeting isn’t collecting anything sensitive from developers. “They without more upload their compiled binary and not ever raw source code,” he said.

Hipmunk's flight search application running in Pieceable's iOS app viewer.

Hipmunk's volley search application running in Pieceable's iOS app viewer.

The utility itself is offered to app makers at three levels. The loose version lets only one person eye one app at a time, with application links expiring after one hour. The basic plan, which runs beneficial to $30 a month, brings the viewership up to three persons at a time, with up to five various applications with links that never breathe out. The $60-a-month “pro” drawing takes it up to 10 simultaneous viewers, by an unlimited number of applications.

The creative of full-functionality versions of applications through an expiration date brings up a real interesting potential for App Store publishers who be missed to give users an interactive partake of of their creation without offering their merchandise free of charge. Apple has go down up a system where free apps be possible to be upgraded to include paid features by way of in-app purchase, though many developers quiet opt to create “lite” versions of their applications that remain separately. With the inclusion of expiring acting copies, this also opens up a direction of motion for developers to offer a full version of the software that can be made available for only a limited sum total of time.

One obvious question that relics is how well the system holds up by games, something Potter said the assemblage is still working on. “OpenGL peace (which is most graphics-intensive games) doesn’t popularly show up in the viewer. We moreover need to figure out a workable solution for doing multitouch and sound,” he reported.

Even so, Potter says the circle has been pleased with the overall send away quickly of the technology for pushing periodical applications. “When we were first in operation on the prototype, we actually assumed everything would have ~ing much slower and we’d be in possession of to put disclaimers all over the employment about how ‘it’s much faster put ~ the device,’ etc.,” Potter said. “But, we’re excessively happy with how it’s worked with~.”

Pieceable joins the ranks of compose-in-stealth BlueStacks, a company that’s in operation on a solution for letting Windows users go proceed Android applications and the Android OS itself natively attached the desktop. There have also been a fortune of companies that have sprung up through the past few years that permit people build and publish iOS applications without having to know how to code.

Pieceable Viewer is rolling out with demos from six companies, including Yelp, tour service Hipmunk, Loopt, Foodspotting, Convore, and Airbnb. You be able to give all six a spin in excess on Pieceable’s viewer demo page.

Update at 4:23 p.m. PT: Here’s every embedded version of the Hipmunk app (pictured overhead) that you can use:

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