Firefox Aurora debuts, Mozilla's 'dev' channel

15 Apr

Somewhere between a nightly and a beta lies Firefox Aurora, Mozilla’s elementary public browser under its new publishing register. Announced yesterday, Firefox Aurora for Windows (download), Mac (download), and Linux (download), is in the greatest degree analogous to the intent behind the Google Chrome developer’s groove (download Windows | Mac | Linux): to procure a place where users who put on’t mind browser instability can ordeal out new features, and contribute feedback to the developers.

(Credit: Mozilla)

Mozilla is at this time running all four of the browser builds that it mentioned in this blog place: Minefield, or the nightly test builds; the new Aurora; the beta build, which users who downloaded the Firefox 4 betas are silence using despite there not being ~y official beta release at this time; and the Firefox latest release, which is the stable version most Firefox users have.

Currently, Mozilla Firefox Aurora 5.0a2 doesn’t come into court to offer anything different from Minefield or the unchangeable release, but that will change for example Mozilla pursues a release schedule like to Google Chrome’s six-week liberate cycle.

If you do notice anything not the same between the current Aurora and invariable builds, let me know in the comments beneath.

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