How to back up your Android phone

16 Apr

Android doesn’t proposition a native backup service, so it’s gentle to ignore the need to practise so. But don’t wait to the time when it’s too late to spasm thinking about backing up your phone. Many of us rely without interrupti~ our phone cameras to snap sunlight-to-day photos of our lives and catch text messages to have some of the greatest in number important conversations. So before a sharper swipes that phone, or a spilled cupping-glass of coffee bricks it, follow these tips:

Google has your back. Go to Settings > Privacy, and be productive of sure that “Back up my settings” and “Automatic reinstate” are checked off. Go to Settings > Accounts and sync, free your Gmail account, and check not upon all options. With these settings in standing, your contacts, system settings, apps, calendar, and e-mail will be restored at whatever time you set up a new Android phone through that same Gmail account.

Photos. Google hasn’t implemented a mother photo backup service yet, so look to third-party apps to safe-conduct your photos. You might want to conjoin your mobile photos with those you before that time have stored in a cloud advantage. For instance, Photobucket Mobile will automatically upload newly snapped photos in the background to your Photobucket relation. Flickr Companion and Picasa Tool are besides free apps that allow mobile uploading only don’t do so automatically.

Drag and distil. Back up photos from your Android the orally transmitted way. Connect your phone to your computer via USB, set it in Disk Mode and locate the take in a carriage (on the desktop for Mac, in My Computer instead of Windows). Open the drive, find the DCIM folder, and pull the photos you’d like to back up onto your solid drive.

Text messages. Folks at SMS Backup + figured extinguished a smart way to back up your true copy messages in the cloud. The lavish app automatically sends your SMS threads to Gmail and supplies them under a new label, “SMS.”

Let someone other do it. If you like the creative of having someone else back up your data, download MyBackup Pro. The $5 app backs up everything–SMS, photos, apps, appeal to log, contacts, system settings, bookmarks, and besides–to your SD card or its online server at none extra charge. MyBackup also allows you to refund your data, should you need to be sufficient so.

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