The skinny on Final Cut Pro X (FAQ)

16 Apr

Final Cut Pro logo (Credit: Apple)

Apple this week unveiled the nearest major version of Final Cut Pro, the companionship’s video-editing software that plays swollen brother to the more ubiquitous Mac collection-in iMovie.

The software, which arrives in June, comes not upon a two-year update hiatus and is a brave step for Apple. It does let us go. with boxes and discs, instead heart delivered as a direct download. It likewise comes in at $700 less than the current lection, which is available as part of Apple’s pro video-editing retinue.

Such a cut raises some questions granting, like “what’s missing?” and “is this a downgrade in favor of current Final Cut Studio users?” CNET is hither to give you the answers through an FAQ.

What’s new?
Final Cut Pro X has a laundry ~el of new features and tweaks, however the really important thing is that the suit is now 64-bit, meaning it be possible to address more RAM. The application furthermore makes use of some of the novel low-level system features in OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard like Core Animation, OpenCL, and Grand Central Dispatch, which lets the software run on in the manner that many processing cores and as much of the graphical processing unit in the manner that it can get.

As a inference, Apple says the software has effectively performed away with rendering times, giving editors a manner to view changes they’ve made to ease instantaneously. This is managed with a novel background-rendering feature that does the be in action behind the scenes each time a modify is made.

Final Cut’s interface has moreover been completely reworked, which Apple says puts the converging-point on the three areas video editors tend to to need while making cuts: a preview region, a new media browser, and each editing timeline that’s been given some overhaul. Two of those areas: the media library tool and the timeline are in what place many of the most drastic changes be possible to be found.

The media library tool, what one. is where clips are organized has been redesigned to cook some of the heavy lifting through footage. This is something pros own told CNET they thought could subsist improved from older versions of the software, and it’s a person of consequence Apple has addressed in Final Cut Pro X.

The recent library lets editors begin edits steady media that’s being imported, judgment it’s fully transferred. And in the manner that footage is being imported, it be possible to analyze shots to help editors agree them out, including tools that can tell what type of shot it is (terminate, medium, wide), and if there are clan in it. It can also stretch color management and stabilize video allowing that it’s shaky. To add to this, footage that’s been imported be possible to be organized with range-based keywording, what one. lets users apply tags to specified, or entire clips to search and drag out later.

On the timeline faction, Apple has tweaked the connection between audio and video tracks with matter it’s calling “Clip Connections.” This binds secondary audio tracks to the primary audio tracks that are attached to footage. This progression, if it’s dragged to not the same part of the timeline, it won’t succumb the secondary audio that was added from the fact. Joining that is a aspect Apple calls “Magnetic Timeline” which makes without doubt that these connected items that are dragged round on the timeline do not crash together with one another.

To make precise clusters of edits less unwieldy, Apple has added a timeline feature called “Compound Clip” that can clump together audio, video, transitions, and titles into separate clips. These can be treated honest like a finished clip, but de-lumber the timeline. And because it’s non-pernicious, editors can go in and esteem changes to something in this grow in ~s any time they want, then re-compromise it to save space.

Other changes made to the prepare for the press side include an inline precision editor, which lets users adjust where cuts acquire been made on clips, right in c~tinuance the timeline. This has been plant up so if you realize you absence an extra second or two from a clip, you slip on’t have to go back and re-discover it from your library, cut thoroughly one that’s slightly longer, and switch it extinguished. You can just dip into that origin clip from the timeline, extend it and exist done. Another edit feature, called “Auditions” lets users be sufficient A-B testing on two variations of each edit to see what each human being would look like, without having to redo the act to re-create it.

In its exhibition, Apple said these were just a few of the new features that are charge of the new software, with else to be unveiled closer to its discharge in June.

What’s it be turned like compared with the current Final Cut Pro?
Here’s Final Cut Pro 7:

(Credit: Apple)

And Final Cut Pro X:

(Credit: Apple )

OK, those are spruce pictures, but this is a video close attention, I want to see it in activity. Is there a video somewhere?
There is. As maculated by MacRumors, pro film group Les Machineurs was there and filmed Apple’s presentation. It’s be riven up into two parts with a atomic break in between. What’s lost is the initial part of the appearance where Apple spells out some of its purchaser satisfaction metrics and that it’s got else than 2 million licensed Final Cut Pro users.

If you’re looking in spite of the hands-on demos with the software, disregard to part two, which has Apple’s prime architect of video applications, Randy Ubillos going more than some of the new features.

Part common:

Part two:

(Credit: Apple)

How does this comparison with Final Cut Studio?
The full difference here is that this is individual application, versus Final Cut Studio’s six. That suite includes Final Cut Pro along with Motion, Compressor, DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack Pro and Color.

That declared, there are features you’d notice in Soundtrack Pro and Color that bring forth been built into Final Cut Pro X. But that may not have existence enough for pros, who were using the authoring tools in DVD Studio Pro to cause to become salable products with their work, or movie makers using Motion to render composite work.

So does that agency those applications aren’t making the hop to be a part of the Final Cut Pro X cosmos? Following the presentation an Apple deputy told The Loop that “today was deserved a sneak peak of Final Cut Pro,” and to “stay tuned.”

How does this estimate relatively with iMovie?
Final Cut Pro X is a plenteous more advanced piece of editing software through many more bells and whistles than iMovie. That related, several features that started out in iMovie bring forth made their way over to Final Cut Pro X, like as skimming previews for clips, identification towards types of shots and if population are in them, as well while some of the visual aesthetics.

The alluvial land line is that if you’re an iMovie user who wants a selfish more, Apple is going for the corresponding; of like kind up-sell as it’s had through Final Cut Express. The big alienation is that this is now substance positioned as its top of the draw editor at about $100 premium of that which Express costs.

What does this mercenary for Final Cut Express?
Apple has stayed dumb on if Final Cut Express has been shelved. However comments made hind part before the $199, middle-of-the-roadstead between iMovie and Final Cut Studio at the end of Apple’s presentation strongly advise it’s being replaced by the debase-priced Final Cut Pro X once the software is released. From Apple’s Richard Townhill, who is the superintendent of pro video product marketing:

“Lastly maybe, we’ve had a couple of manifold flavors. We’ve had upgrade pricing, we’ve had Final Cut Express, we’ve had Final Cut Studio. So we unquestionable we really wanted to do at a distance with that. We wanted to greatly simplify the pricing construction and make it very easy toward you if you decided that you wanted to procure to be a copy of Final Cut Pro. So we’ve unwavering to make it available for the wonderful price of $299.”

With that before-mentioned, Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro 6 (which pre-dated the current version of Final Cut Pro) stay two of the the last versions in the Final Cut group of genera that can run on PowerPC hardware, providing those through older computers a way to superintend the publication of using Final Cut.

I already gain Final Cut Pro, do I alembic have to pay $299?
Yes. Unlike ended versions where a new version substance previous users can pay a smaller amount with an upgrade price, everyone pays $299 during Final Cut Pro X.

One clothes to keep in mind is that the prior upgrade price for Final Cut Studio upgrades was in like manner $299, so its no more than it used to subsist. It can be argued that users are acquisition less included if Apple does not ship it through a comparable feature set with that which some of the other studio tools be able to do.

App Store logo (Credit: Apple)

Can I purchase this in stores?
No, Apple has simply said that it’s offering Final Cut Pro X at the same time that a paid download through its Mac App Store. On the more side that means there are in ~ degree more worries about punching in periodical numbers or losing physical media ago it can be re-downloaded.

Can my computer spread this?
Apple has not released hardware requirements, boundary it’s making use of manifold OS X 10.6 specific features that inclination require Snow Leopard, specifically Grand Central Dispatch. The current translation of Final Cut Pro requires that users are running Mac OS X version 10.5.6 or later.

What’s up with the name?
Similar to Mac OS X, the X is a Roman numeral, meaning it’s said like “Final Cut Pro ten.” But dress in’t be confused, this isn’t as a matter of fact the 10th iteration of the software. The continue version of the software was interpretation 7, technically making this version 8.

Version 8 and 9 didn’t cease per se. Apple just seems to wish followed a similar naming convention to what it did in making the vault from QuickTime 7 to QuickTime X in Leopard to Snow Leopard. Apple too has a history of doing this through its iLife apps, so it’s queer, but not unusual.

Any other questions? Send them our street and we’ll try to have them answered for you.

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