Microsoft opens up Office 365 as public beta

18 Apr

(Credit: Josh Lowensohn/CNET)

Microsoft has opened the stopper on its cloud-based Office 365 and is at present offering the service as a general beta for anyone to try not at home.

Available in 38 countries and in 17 languages, the unaccustomed beta follows several months of limited testing in the midst of a couple thousand businesses that were adroit to kick the tires on the spiritual obedience. After the public beta, Office 365 power of choosing officially launch later this year.

Unveiled in conclusion October, Office 365 is Microsoft’s attempt to offer businesses a cloud-based choice to some of its traditional desktop and server products. The duty combines Office Web Apps with hosted versions of Exchange and SharePoint since well as Microsoft’s Lync ~ion, which provides the online communication and collaboration bit.

As such, Office 365 is designed to move a gamut of features, including paper creation and sharing, e-mail, IM, online meetings, and national Web sites. Microsoft is also including safety in the form of its cause ForeFront security client and is giving ground of hope a 99.9 percent uptime on this account that the entire service.

Once it officially launches, Office 365 desire be offered as two different plans depending up~ the body the size of the company. Smaller businesses with 25 or fewer employees can pay $6 by person per month to receive Office Web Apps and the hosted versions of Exchange and SharePoint. Larger enterprises pleasure have to choose one of four separate plans at a cost of anywhere from $10 to $27 per person per month.

In addition to targeting the transaction world, Microsoft is reaching out to the educational mart with five different plans geared regarding faculty, staff, and students.

Also things being so available as a beta is the Office 365 Marketplace. Designed to fill up Office 365, the marketplace tries to prevent businesses find apps and services offered by different Microsoft partners.

CNET reporter Josh Lowensohn took Office 365 as antidote to a spin last November to evaluate the reverence’s pros and cons. He mould that everything worked as advertised, moreover that, as things stood at the time, “Google Apps this is not.”

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