Crackle: Free movies, TV shows on iOS devices!

19 Apr

Crackle brings full-length movies and TV shows to the iPhone and, even better, the iPad.

Crackle brings abounding-length movies and TV shows to the iPhone and, even better, the iPad.

(Credit: Screenshot ~ dint of. Rick Broida)

Sure, you can watch movies and TV shows ~ward your iPhone or iPad, but in that place’s always a catch–usually a pecuniary one. Hulu and Netflix cost circulating medium. PlayOn costs money and requires you to farewell your PC on. The ABC Player is iPad-solitary and, well, ABC-only.

Enter Crackle, a starting a~ app that lets you watch dozens of TV shows and a marry hundred movies, all free of charge (yet with ads, natch).

Available for iPhone, iPod, and iPad (the app is whole), Crackle delivers much of (but not wholly) the same content as its eponymous Web good. On the TV side, you’ll determine judicially shows like “10 Items or Less,” “Barney Miller,” “Charlie’s Angels,” and AMC’s just discovered “The Killing.”

Unfortunately, a lot of the useful series are merely “minisodes,” not abounding eps. At the risk of sonorous ungrateful, I don’t want 5 minutes and 30 seconds’ virtue of “Fat Albert”–I want the undivided show. Hey, hey, hey!

On the in addition side, Crackle recently added a crowd of classic “Seinfeld” episodes, and plans to swap them in opposition to 10 different ones every month. I’m literally pausing my writing every few minutes such I can get back to attention “The Chinese Restaurant.”

As for movies, they’re chiefly older titles, and mostly a blend of B-, C-, and D-step stuff. I don’t watch “Big Daddy” or “Joe Dirt” attached cable, so I’m certainly not going to watch them to this place. What’s more, a lot of the listed movies aren’t filled-length, but rather batches of clips. (Thankfully, you have power to filter the list to show only full-length titles.)

That said, in that place are a few gems to pick out from: “Ghostbusters,” “Easy Rider,” “Starman,” “Dr. Strangelove,” and “A Few Good Men” are among those worth your time. (Underrated precious stone: “Go.”)

The app is easy to practice, smart enough to resume playback granting that you have to leave in the halfway, and able to stream over 3G and Wi-Fi alike.

And did I mention it’s permitted? Sure, the selection could be in a superior manner, but if you’re looking as antidote to something to watch and don’t privation to pay Apple, Hulu, or anybody otherwise, Crackle can definitely keep you entertained.

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