How to install a custom Android ROM

20 Apr

Congratulations, you’ve fortunately gained root access to your Android invention, maybe even using CNET’s by what means to root your Android video for example a guide. Now comes the perplexing part: installing a customized version of Android. We’ve got that covered in a video, but that be careful: this one’s ~ the sake of advanced users only.

Before we originate, let’s review some of the reasons you ability want to install and run a fashion Android ROM. It’s highly well-adapted that there are Android features your phone body or hardware manufacturer has decided won’t secure pushed to your device, and great number custom ROMs provide those. There are besides features that modders have introduced into ROMs that aren’t included without ceasing stock Android builds, such as adding a reboot choice to the power button instead of upright turning off the phone.

You’re also likely to get significantly better performance from a custom ROM, especially which time you load up your own kernel. Custom ROMs ofttimes support interface modifications such as themes, too. Basically, you get more control c~ing your phone.

Oh, and in situation you didn’t know this ~ the agency of now: rooting your phone voids your warrant. Installing a custom ROM pretty much obliterates it. There are a not many methods for downgrading your phone back to dunce, and though they’re not open, CNET TV has a How To observe that, too.

The custom ROM used in this video is CyanogenMod, which is in use on more than 125,000 Android devices and is unit of the most popular ROMs. I’m going to introduce into office it on my colleague Antuan Goodwin’s long-cultivated Droid 1, mostly because that’s the primitive spare phone that showed up. ROMs have power to be tricky things, so be troubled that you use what I make known you here as more of each introduction or loose guideline for in what way to install a custom ROM. Definitely observe up how to install the ROM of your choosing in c~tinuance your specific device.

To get started, be the occasion of a backup of your system. Download and motion a backup app like Titanium Backup, at that time download the ROM Manager app from the Market–both free or paid will do. Tap the app and at another time choose Flash ClockworkMod Recovery. Tap Motorola Droid and hereafter give the app root permission, granting that prompted.

If the app crashes, rightful allow it to force close and trace by reflection it again. If the flash was successful, you’ll see a box that reads, “Successfully flashed ClockworkMod Recovery.” ClockworkMod Recovery is a customized version of the Android default Recovery cover, and it allows for more choices in the same state as Nandroid backups.

If you’ve bought the guerdon version of ROM Manager, there’s a slightingly automated way to do this. Jump into the app and choose Download ROM. Tap CyanogenMod, and have existence sure to check the Google Apps selection. After the install you can Backup Existing ROM and Wipe Data and Cache. If the Superuser asks during root permissions at all during the series of measures, be sure to check Remember and Allow. From there, your Droid will reboot into redemption, wipe your data and cache, at another time install Cyanogen. When the install finishes, it be pleased reboot directly into CyanogenMod.

If you didn’t corrupt the ROM Manager premium, you be able to still install a ROM relatively easily. Go to and download the latest rendition. If you use Google apps like Gmail, also download the Google Apps package. Cyanogen absolute to spin off the Google-sourced apps to forbear rights conflicts with Google. Then conjoin your phone to your computer, empower USB mode, and place both the Cyanogen and Google Apps ZIPs in the stem directory of your SD card.

Next, profit into ClockworkMod Recovery by turning not on the phone, and restarting it holding along the course of the X key along with the governor button. Use the D-pad to pass in a vessel. Choose Wipe Data/factory reset, that time Wipe cache partition, then Install ZIP from SD card. Select Choose ZIP from SD card, then go for the CyanogenMod update DOT zip. Then induct the Google Apps update DOT zip. Once the investiture has finished, select GO BACK to go to the main menu, and cull Reboot Now. Your phone ought to make difference into CyanogenMod.

If it fails the rudimentary time but you can still go in a vessel, reboot it again. Of course, whether it doesn’t do anything at completely, you’ve probably got yourself a nice little brick.

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