Root, ROM, restore: How to hack your Android OS

21 Apr

In this in the beginning video, we show you how to win to root access on your Android phone or tablet using the program SuperOneClick (and we accord. a shout to Unrevoked for HTC phones).

So you’ve established your phone. Now what? Our assistant video details how to install a rule ROM, which is a heavily customized translation of Android. Using a custom ROM have power to give you super-Android powers, such as better battery life, faster accomplishment, and additional features.

Just because you’re in an opposite direction to upgrade your phone doesn’t middle that it’s worthless, but a fate of people want to get a used phone in like close to factory-fresh conditions since possible. Our third video explains in what condition to restore your Android device back to the supply version of Android.

In all three of these cases, there are two important things to reckoning. First is that rooting will lacking your phone’s warranty. Secondly, these procedures company with the core interactions between your hardware and the operating regularity, so be careful. There’s a risk you could wind up with a bricked stratagem.

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