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Air Penguin soars to No. 1 in the App Store

Don’t be alarmed, but birds are taking besides. Tiny birds, angry birds, and it being so that flightless Antarctic birds. If only Alfred Hitchcock were live to see this.

The latest domestic ~ to fly to the top of the App Store charts? Penguins–specifically, Air Penguin, what one. currently holds the No. 1 site. It’s ahead of Cut the Rope, in our teeth of Tiny Wings, and even in front of all three Angry Birds games (including the freshly updated-for-Easter Angry Birds Seasons).

(Credit: Screenshot through Rick Broida)

Why all the to-do? At first I wasn’t totally sure. Air Penguin is a pleasing without being striking straightforward tilt-control game–not heterogeneous Doodle Jump, but putting two axes into caper instead of just one. It’s your piece of work to guide your bouncing, somersaulting, uncertain, occasionally flying penguin from one concreted sugar floe to the next, tilting your iDevice left, honest, forward, and backward to steer him. One serious landing and you plop into the shed ~; game over.

Along the way you’ll meet with increasingly difficult obstacles: smaller ice floes that are harder to disembark on, floes that are already with a bee in the head (and therefore can’t be landed in successi~), jumping swordfish, and, of course, sharks (what one. leap out of the water in a suitably fearsome pattern).

Fortunately, there’s help along the determined course as well: turtles to ride, endeavor to call out to collect, whale blow-holes to debark on (for a quick jump-boost), and in such a manner on.

The fish you collect (or gain in-game) can be exchanged concerning special power-ups. One of them gives you a person-time rescue from the water; one more temporarily “disables” the sharks.

Air Penguin is fun, no doubt about it. Addictive, too, pushing all the right “just single more time” buttons. I can’t judge it’s captured my attention the regular course, say, Tiny Wings did (or just Cover Orange), but it’s definitely a correct diversion–and an easy impulse purchase at 99 cents.

What do you opine of Air Penguin? Best game as Angry Birds, or just the soul of the moment?

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3D sound and 3D snowboarding: iPhone apps of the week

iPhone (Credit: CNET)

A pair days ago, some long-awaited iPhone hardware intelligence finally hit the Web. No, it’s not the iPhone 5 (what one. some are saying won’t have existence released until fall). The big tidings out this week is that the hoary iPhone 4 will finally become to be availed of as soon as by the close of this month.

I have to give access to the white iPhone 4 looks bonny cool, but I can’t imagine anyone staying to take the plunge to pervert with money an iPhone based on the hue of the device. Is it good me? If anyone reading this has been delaying for the white iPhone 4, allow us know in the comments.

This week’s apps comprise an audio-enhancement app that gives your minstrelsy 3D surround sound and a snowboarding plan that might be the best in the app depot.

3D Music Player Pro

Hit the 3D Sound button because of immediate results or hit the dress. icon in the upper right to pull rudely sound settings.

(Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

3D Music Player Pro ($2.99) gives you some interesting options to enrich the try of your music, and it does a fine good job with only a not many flaws. Upon launch, use the more sign button in the upper left to ~ together a couple of songs from your science of harmonical sounds library and test the various goods. Once queued up, you can frolic a song and then touch the 3D Sound button to attend the basic audio enhancements in the app. I noticed a variation immediately in my testing, with the app adding a plenteous fuller and warmer sound to my songs.

Beyond the violent effort button, there’s much more to frisk around with in 3D Music Player Pro. Hit the array icon in the upper right to be the cause of up the settings screen. From there you can fiddle with all of the app’s judicious enhancements individually and turn them forward and off to hear the results. The 3D.STEREO sway let’s you turn on encompass sound and adjust bass output because of a 3D stereo listening experience. G.EQ bridle lets you adjust the levels according to songs like a regular equalizer. ON.STAGE have the direction of gives you three options simulating the orthodox and reverb effects of playing the anthem in a studio, a concert dining-room, or a stadium.

3D Music Player Pro’s features are gayety to play around with and eddish. of the effects definitely enhance the mode your music sounds, but the app is not make ~. When I added my entire symphony library the app seemed to chill on the approximately 8GB of score. After a restart I was expert to get all my music to unfold up, but 3D Music Player Pro doesn’t participate in your iPod‘s ability to hindrance you search through your music quickly (think of the alphabetized strip of letters on the right of your iPhone melody library that allows you to “jump” to different parts of the the a b c). This means that you’ll bestow a lot of time scrolling to be all ear to specific songs. An even bigger number printed is that when you quit the app and relaunch, your before uploaded music will no longer subsist listed. This is definitely a bug the developer sourness have overlooked and will probably be fixed soon.

Overall, 3D Music Player Pro is a peculiar app that lets you mess round with audio settings to give your science of harmonical sounds a much warmer sound. With the erect bug fixes and some slight interface enhancements, this app decree be a great way to gain more out of your music.

Snowboard Hero

The graphics are silken smooth as you navigate through the gates for the time of a slalom race.

(Credit: Screenshot ~ the agency of Jason Parker/CNET)

Snowboard Hero ($4.99) is a 3D snowboarding gamble that might be the best further for iPhone–once you get the settings squared at a distance. Start by choosing between Career or Record Chaser modes. In Career custom you’ll start by playing during the time that the default character, “Dude,” but behind racing and beating specific challenges, you’ll be able to choose from six diverging characters with varied skills. Start through going through the tutorial, which gives you the basics since jumping, grinding rails, and performing tricks. From in that place you’ll need to complete challenges that alter from going down the hill of the same kind with fast as possible to trying to draw apart of the most tricks as likely to get a high score. Earn money by pulling off tricks and grabbing pickups during the time that you speed down the hill.

After a few races you’ll earn enough money and unlocks to buy new clothing. You’ll likewise be able to purchase new the stage that have varying strengths and weaknesses. Part of the merriment in this Snowboard Hero is choosing the most excellent board for the challenge at lead. Later, you’ll be able to unlock new characters, each of whom has higher stats than the endure and you can buy new tricks as being bigger scores.

When I first blow the slopes in Snowboard Hero, I judgment the game looked great graphically and I liked the onscreen feint controls that include pressing the cover and swiping in a direction because more complex tricks. My only sending out was with the tilt-to-direct controls that felt far too tenacious. I highly recommend exploring the options to oppose the sensitivity to about 80 (thoroughly of a hundred) for a in addition realistic turning experience. After I tweaked the settings, I construct Snowboard Hero to be one of the most profitably of its genre in the app lay in ~ so I think it’s transverse to try changing the sensitivity at daybreak before you judge this game.

Overall, Snowboard Hero offers great persons-looking graphics, solid controls (once you twitch them), and enough challenges and unlocks to lay away you coming back for more. If you’ve been looking despite a good 3D snowboarding game, Snowboard Hero is the resolute to buy–even at $4.99.

What’s your dear iPhone app? Are you impressed with the enhanced sound quality in 3D Music Player Pro or grant the bugs outweigh the cool features in this app? Do you require a better 3D snowboarding game than Snowboard Hero? Let me perceive in the comments!

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Norton 2012 betas tweaks already well-regarded suite

New Norton betas embrace the ability to rate a download’s fixedness based on the file behavior up~ the body the computers of other Norton users and full Google Chrome support, setting the prevailing character for the premium security suite updates to be ascribed later this year.

Released today through Symantec, Norton Internet Security 2012 beta (download) and Norton AntiVirus 2012 beta (download) furthermore include a new start-up good economist that debuted earlier this year in Norton 360, changes to Symantec’s SONAR technology, and a fresh autofix feature for curing installation woes post-haste.

Norton Internet Security 2012 beta makes franciscan friar changes to a strong product.

(Credit: Screenshot ~ the agency of Seth Rosenblatt/CNET)

The changes are not land-breaking, but do appear to exist able to keep Norton on highest rank of its game. The Chrome favor is a long-request feature with a view to the world’s third-most in vogue browser, and extends Norton Safe Web toolbar features similar as search result evaluation, link scanning, and Norton’s ID Safe to Chrome users.

The pair engine changes in the Norton 2012 betas aren’t exposed in in ~ degree new interface modules, yet they are material. Insight 3.0, and its composing Download Insight 2.0 feature, possess been improved. As mentioned above, Download Insight at that time looks at downloaded files for protection and stability. It won’t leave you from downloading a file that’s known to origin instability, but it will warn you and furnish an option to stop the download.

This is a fairly well-designed turn of expression, and can tell the difference betwixt operating systems. This means that whether a file is known to be stable on Windows 7 but insecure on Windows XP, only Windows XP users self-reliance see the warning.

Norton Internet Security 2012 beta offers else nuanced download ratings, and will warn you when a download is known to final ~ system instability.

(Credit: Screenshot by Seth Rosenblatt/CNET)

Meanwhile, improvements in SONAR 4.0 hold upgraded behavioral protection, which monitors running programs despite suspicious behavior and will stop them if it detects any. One of the bigger changes in SONAR is that it things being so scores DLL file separately, allowing conducive to more nuanced detection.

There have been more interface tweaks in the betas, adding glorious green to a formerly yellow-and-fiendish interface. While not a major redesign, the inexperienced does serve to better highlight guide features, such as your security condition. Norton’s online storage vault likewise catches up to the competition this year, integrating a haze sync feature, and the Norton Power Eraser during last-ditch fixes has been integrated with the Norton bootable recovery tool, for a like rea~n you won’t have to download them singly.

While CNET Labs won’t benchmark the Norton 2012 betas until the final versions are released, Symantec itself says that it is vision substantial, double-digit benchmarking improvements transversely 2011’s strong times.

Let us comprehend your thoughts on Norton’s 2012 betas in the comments beneath.

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World of Goo oozes onto iPhones

World of Goo for iPhone! World of Goo for iPhone!

World of Goo because of iPhone! World of Goo for iPhone!

(Credit: Screenshot by Rick Broida)

Back in January, celebrated indie game World of Goo made its iPad debut, leaving iPhone and iPod users and ~; from pole to pole to cry, “Where’s my Goo?”

It has arrived. World of Goo is after this available for iPhone (and third- and fourth-gen iPod Touch), and it’s every bit as good as its small table predecessor–just a little smaller.

As I explained in my archetype review, the World of Goo is populated ~ dint of. Goo Balls–cute, squealing little blobs of, well, affair. In each level, it’s your work at ~s to guide them to a especial destination: up a tube, across a build a ~ over, and so on.

The Goo Balls themselves be transformed into part of whatever structure you accept to build, but if you application too many of them, you won’t supply your collection goal.

It’s oppressive not to be drawn into this beautifully animated, thoroughly cinematic world, with its enigma-shrouded cutscenes and alternately dreamlike and inspiring soundtracks. There’s actually no other game like World of Goo.

I did take one complaint with the iPad reading: very often your finger, which is used to make slow progress and drop the Goo Balls, blocks your contemplate, making precise placement difficult. Needless to assert, this problem is exacerbated on ~y iPhone or iPod Touch, which squeezes everything into a plenteous smaller screen. (My finger, alas, is the similar size.) Thankfully, you can pinch to zoom in, what one. helps somewhat.

Don’t let a trivial finger interference stop you from severe this unique and thoroughly entertaining animals of the chase. And be sure to grab it time it’s on sale for 99 cents–each introductory price that will soon bound to $2.99. (If you bought the iPad lection, you’ll find it’s at this time universal–and playable on your iPhone or iPod, ~t one extra charge!)

If you’re a Goo cool, shout it out in the comments.

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Pieceable puts working iOS apps in your browser

You’re itch to test drive an iOS exercise, but the lack of a prodigal trial, the limited screenshots, and not at all demo videos are holding you back from pulling the trigger without ceasing a purchase. Such hurdles could willingly be toppled with a new homage called the Pieceable Viewer.

Parent concourse Pieceable, which is working on a tool to let people create mobile applications with a optical editor as opposed to writing lines of digest, has come up with a viewer that have power to demo iOS applications on the Web, sans iOS manoeuvre. Developers send their finished .app toothed to Pieceable, where it’s hosted to the Web letting tribe use it just like they would adhering their phone, except with a look closely.

The company is pitching it of the same kind with a way for sharing applications that are ~y in development, as well as acquisition around Apple’s device ID-driven hypothesis, which places limits on side-loading unpublished applications exterior of the company’s App Store. Ironically enough, the applying also makes use of Adobe’s Flash to demo apps, a technology Apple does not relinquish on its iOS devices.

For after this the service works with iPhone apps, except the company says it will ~ together support for iPad apps in a coming events iteration. According to TechCrunch, Android apps are nearest on the list.

In an e-post to CNET, Pieceable Software co-fall Fred Potter said that the house had attempted to get in shade with Apple about the product, end had not heard back. As hostile as security goes, Potter said that the social meeting isn’t collecting anything sensitive from developers. “They without more upload their compiled binary and not ever raw source code,” he said.

Hipmunk's flight search application running in Pieceable's iOS app viewer.

Hipmunk's volley search application running in Pieceable's iOS app viewer.

The utility itself is offered to app makers at three levels. The loose version lets only one person eye one app at a time, with application links expiring after one hour. The basic plan, which runs beneficial to $30 a month, brings the viewership up to three persons at a time, with up to five various applications with links that never breathe out. The $60-a-month “pro” drawing takes it up to 10 simultaneous viewers, by an unlimited number of applications.

The creative of full-functionality versions of applications through an expiration date brings up a real interesting potential for App Store publishers who be missed to give users an interactive partake of of their creation without offering their merchandise free of charge. Apple has go down up a system where free apps be possible to be upgraded to include paid features by way of in-app purchase, though many developers quiet opt to create “lite” versions of their applications that remain separately. With the inclusion of expiring acting copies, this also opens up a direction of motion for developers to offer a full version of the software that can be made available for only a limited sum total of time.

One obvious question that relics is how well the system holds up by games, something Potter said the assemblage is still working on. “OpenGL peace (which is most graphics-intensive games) doesn’t popularly show up in the viewer. We moreover need to figure out a workable solution for doing multitouch and sound,” he reported.

Even so, Potter says the circle has been pleased with the overall send away quickly of the technology for pushing periodical applications. “When we were first in operation on the prototype, we actually assumed everything would have ~ing much slower and we’d be in possession of to put disclaimers all over the employment about how ‘it’s much faster put ~ the device,’ etc.,” Potter said. “But, we’re excessively happy with how it’s worked with~.”

Pieceable joins the ranks of compose-in-stealth BlueStacks, a company that’s in operation on a solution for letting Windows users go proceed Android applications and the Android OS itself natively attached the desktop. There have also been a fortune of companies that have sprung up through the past few years that permit people build and publish iOS applications without having to know how to code.

Pieceable Viewer is rolling out with demos from six companies, including Yelp, tour service Hipmunk, Loopt, Foodspotting, Convore, and Airbnb. You be able to give all six a spin in excess on Pieceable’s viewer demo page.

Update at 4:23 p.m. PT: Here’s every embedded version of the Hipmunk app (pictured overhead) that you can use:

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Six egg-cellent Easter apps for iOS

Easter is smaller than two weeks away, so it’s time to raise getting into the holiday spirit. That property coloring eggs, buying chocolate bunnies, and, of succession, checking out the latest batch of Easter-themed apps.

If you’re ~y iOS user, you’ll find not at all shortage of them in the App Store. I ground half a dozen I think are character a look, including some great games, books, and incite-coloring helpers. See the slideshow in time!

Of course, these are just my picks; collide the comments and let me be aware of which Easter apps are going in your basket this year.

Six push-cellent Easter apps for iOS (screenshots)

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IE9: Microsoft is back in the browser game

IE9 logo

After a three-week IE9 engagement, I’ve concluded that Microsoft once again has a competitive Web browser.

And just though Internet Explorer remains the ~ly-used browser on the Net today, convincing me that Internet Explorer 9 is a veritable browser was quite an accomplishment. Here’s why.

IE6, now a decade old, is loathed ~ the agency of Web developers the world over during the term of its lack of standards support, and it’s the focus of a Microsoft effort that’s grievous to get the companies and canaille using the browser to modernize. After a five-year break, IE7 emerged with some handy features, such as tabbed browsing and a inspection box, but it was mostly with reference to trying to catch up with rivals similar as Firefox and Opera that hadn’t idled at a distance the years.

IE8 took the greater step of trying to conform to Web standards, using a “compatibility view” mode only as a fallback to likeness sites that had been crafted during earlier versions of IE. But it till now lagged other browsers in the freedom of standards it supported, and it crawls whereas executing the ever-more-important Web-based JavaScript programs.

Even allowing IE is built into Windows, the ~ numerous widely used personal computer operating regularity on the planet, its share of practice steadily diminished as people realized there was a better answer. Microsoft had competed fiercely through Netscape in the 1990s and won, excepting then it sat back and left the change to others.

Thus, the world of Web developers and technical enthusiasts be possible to be forgiven for being skeptical end for end IE9.

But as I see it, Microsoft has completely awoken here. No doubt the authority of Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome helped arena the alarm bells and shake easy funding for programmers and marketing, goal Microsoft’s grasp of the consequence of the Web is much again than a knee-jerk reflex to apprehend up to rivals.

My life through IE9
The browser itself worked well on the side of me, for the most part. My head pick is still Chrome, with Firefox 4 a agree second, but IE9 got the work at ~s done.

After an initial week of kicking the tires, I took the plunge and add to it as default browser. I be lost most of my working day, and a portion of my off hours, in a browser, likewise that’s actually a big step. Slow browsers scud me nuts.

I compiled a please of 38 complaints as I was testing IE9. That may probe like a lot, but many are frivolous ones such as occasionally blank replete-screen YouTube videos or wonky boy-servant rendering on Picplz and Apple’s online magazine. The proof that IE9 had passed the ordeal was that after I had join with it as default browser, I excellently cringed as I contemplated the sight of clicking a link, the habitude I had with IE8.

My biggest point in dispute using IE9 was that it chained me to a deskbound quad-essence Dell Windows PC (it’s a laptop, excepting five cables tether it down). I missed the lumbar-preserving stand-up grouping I use for my other capital machine, a MacBook Pro. In other logomachy, it was an issue that had no part to do with the browser itself.

Neither IE9's list of tabs across the top of the browser window nor the list that appears when hovering over the taskbar icon are very useful for navigating large numbers of tabs. In fairness, it's a problem all browsers have.

Neither IE9's inventory of tabs across the top of the browser window nor the think fit that appears when hovering over the taskbar icon are same useful for navigating large numbers of tabs. In fairness, it's a question all browsers have.

(Credit: screenshot ~ the agency of Stephen Shankland/CNET)

I did be in possession of some complaints I think are price mentioning. Chief among them:

• Tab conduct–I often have dozens open–was nay better than with most browsers today, and ofttimes worse. The integration with the taskbar to all appearance helps people who use mice to navigate a smaller number of tabs, excepting I use keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-tab), and a tedious list of text wasn’t plenteous better than a long list of tabs. I’m pleased Microsoft added the option to sum a new row of tabs unworthy of the combined search/address bar, unless I wish there was a fashion to activate that option only whenever tabs in the ordinary configuration acquire too narrow. IE groups tabs by color, but I find this organizational contrive marginally useful sometimes and a hidrance at other periods, so I shut it off. When I grasp down ctrl-tab to zing farther than a large number of tabs, multiplied intermediate tabs don’t get highlighted in the tab shave, requiring me to guess how alienated I’ve gone and when to repression. Finally, IE9 often didn’t select up a site’s favicon correctly, and I catch those tiny graphics very useful since quickly locating the tab I lack.

• Google Docs is hobbled. I exhaust of force a lot of time with Google’s online vocable procesor and spreadsheet, and both suffered performance lags, despite the speed boost of IE9’s Chakra agent for running JavaScript. The word processor was mulct until documents got moderately long–one or two thousand words–then it started dragging. The spreadsheet seemed to obtain trouble even earlier. Perhaps Google bears more of the responsibility here, but Firefox, Safari, and Chrome slip on’t suffer from this same detriment. I also had a temporary showstopper: at the time my display was zoomed to 125 percent and the Google Docs serving-boy was shrunk, the cursor would exist misplaced. Changing the zoom settings back to 100 percent aggregate around fixed it.

• IE9 proper didn’t have quite as porous a feel as Chrome or Firefox. When in that place’s that little bit of fall behind when you repeat the same skirmish over and over–Ctrl-T to produce a new tab or Ctrl-L to set out typing a search term or Web speak to–it just wears you down. For tot~y the vaunted hardware acceleration in IE9, its user interface reply was just a bit poky.

• Is it the browser or the OS? Antitrust discharge notwithstanding, IE9 still feels enmeshed through Windows. This time the installation didn’t require a reboot, an improvement over IE8 and to boot Safari upgrades on Mac OS X, goal the trade-off is that since installation, you must first quit in ~ degree application that gets within a mile of HTML delineation. For me that was Photoshop, Avast antivirus, Firefox, Chrome, Google Talk Plugin, HP Digital Imaging Monitor, Java SE dual, Java Update Scheduler, Skype, Synaptics Touchpad Enhancements, Tweetdeck, Windows Desktop Gadgets, Windows Explorer, Windows Host Process (Rundll32), Windows Live Mesh, Yahoo Messenger. To its credit, the installer restarted my antivirus software afterward. I also still dislike seeing “Internet options” and “Windows Update” in IE9 menus. These are operating system actions, but Microsoft probably is leery of removing them ~wards so many people have learned to get them in IE.

But overall, IE9 was a clever, competent browser. Its gradual arrival last ~ and testament liberate Web developers hobbled by primitive browsers–especially as Windows 7 in the end replaces Windows XP at corporations wedded to IE6.

The W3C's new HTML5 logo

The W3C's of the present day HTML5 logo

(Credit: W3C)

The for aye-expanding Web
Today’s Web is a very greatly more powerful platform for software than a decade since. Graphical elements and formatting are richer and greater amount of dynamic with modern Cascading Style Sheets technology, and JavaScript has arrive into its own with higher work in browsers and libraries such to the degree that jQuery that make it easier to exercise. HTML5’s vaunted video tag and the advent WebSocket specification can make pages uniform more active, while storage technologies be able to let Web applications work even whenever there’s no network connection.

It’s a terraqueous globe where Google Docs can be a viable replacement for Microsoft Office for some fragment of the market, and where programmers be possible to contemplate massively multiplayer online games built from Web standards.

With IE9, Microsoft has embraced this sight, even though it undermines two other influential programming foundations from Microsoft, the circle’s Windows operating system and its Silverlight technology that serves the one and the other as a browser plug-in and because Windows Phone 7’s native request technology.

That internal competition must own made for some heated meetings, no more than really, Microsoft had little choice. Powerful rivals were persuading together down the Web-app path, and developers were following. It’s a classic cannibalization story: sometimes a company is with greater advantage off embracing a popular technology that hurts its concede products, because the alternative is letting competitors impose the pain.

Thus, at the corresponding; of like kind time it was building IE9, Microsoft re-engaged through Web standards work with HTML, CSS, Scalable Vector Graphics, typography, and more. Many of these standards are grant in IE9, one indicator that Microsoft isn’t faking its vindicate for the new Web merely through marketing bafflegab.

Microsoft also embraced great number healthy practices developing IE9. Publicly released platform preview editions permit Web developers test the browser viewed like it evolved, and Microsoft responded to feedback.

To have ~ing sure, IE9 still lacks support despite a number of Web standards. But I’d in some measure see an IE9 in its present pomp and released than an IE9 supporting entirely those standards but arriving sometime at the period of 2011. I don’t reckon upon Microsoft to adopt Google’s six-week update revolution of time, but I do think successors to IE9 are less than active development, and I see ~t one reason why animated (and hardware-accelerated) CSS transitions and transformations aren’t in successi~ the to-do list.

WebGL–the hardware-accelerated 3D graphics interface all the other browser makers have embraced–is a massy question mark for IE. Microsoft has a competing interface in Silverlight 5, that goes into beta testing this week, not to mention native Windows apps using DirectX. But judging ~ dint of. IE9, it’s not unthinkable that Microsoft would assistance it somehow, if enough developers used it forward the Web.

After all, Microsoft clearly has unquestionable it’s time for an IE it be able to be proud of.

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